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Obama's Small Donor Myth

Despite colorful press stories, yet another look at the facts shows that Obama was mostly funded by large donors.

Posted on November 25, 2008

Obama's Auchi Problem

By Steve Rhodes
A primer on Nadhmi Auchi and what he means to Barack Obama.

Posted on April 15, 2008

The [Rezko] Papers

By Steve Rhodes
Obama shrouds new Rezko revelations in persuasive tones of earnest disclosure.

Posted on March 19, 2008

Trade and Tony

By Steve Rhodes
Obama dissembles on NAFTA and stonewalls on Rezko. The media finally takes notice.

Posted on March 4, 2008

Tony's Tour

By Steve Rhodes
A Rezko revelation that just pours more smoke on the smokescreen.

Posted on February 19, 2008

Dollars and Change

By Steve Rhodes
Dollars, change, and superdelegates.

Posted on February 18, 2008

The Right Stuff: Obama's Talking Points

By Steve Rhodes
Like Obama says, it's the same old politics of phony charges and false attacks.

Posted on February 15, 2008

Obama's Record: The Truth Is Out There

By Steve Rhodes
If Obama says he loves you, check it out.

Posted on February 4, 2008

Obama's a Mudder

By Steve Rhodes
Obama on the attack is nothing new.

Posted on November 9, 2007

I Had a Crush on Obama

By Tony Rezko/Obama Guy
Tony Rezko had a crush on Obama.

Posted on August 15, 2007

Spinning the Obama Doctrine

By Steve Rhodes
Many of Obama's supporters are defending a position their man doesn't actually hold.

Posted on August 3, 2007

My Pal Tony

By The Beachwood Rezko Affairs Desk
At Rezko's request, Obama stopped by to shake hands while Rezko was entertaining Middle Eastern bankers considering an investment in one of his projects. The visit helped impress Rezko's foreign guests.

Posted on June 15, 2007

Building Brand Obama

By Steve Rhodes
A tale of consultants fixing Barack Obama's politics around the brand they are selling to America.

Posted on June 13, 2007

Obama's Media Manipulator

By Steve Rhodes
David Axelrod is building a narrative campaign built around cult of personality.

Posted on May 15, 2007

The Secret Money Machine

By Steve Rhodes
The Obama campaign doesn't want you to know that it has a secret K Street Project, and is actively soliciting campaign contributions that would get around its own ban on accepting money from lobbyists.

Posted on April 24, 2007

The Senator and the Slumlord

By Steve Rhodes
"For five weeks, the Sun-Times sought to interview Obama about Rezko and the housing deals," the paper says. "His staff wanted written questions. It responded Sunday but left many questions unanswered. Other answers didn't directly address the question."

Posted on April 23, 2007

Talkin' Selma Blues

By Steve Rhodes
If you watch Obama's Selma speech objectively, you must once again call into question the standard assumption that the man is an orator for the ages. Not only was his delivery disjointed, and oddly aloof, but his text was barren.

Posted on March 5, 2007

Geffen's Folly

By Steve Rhodes
Who needs the right-wing nutjobs when you have the Obama campaign invoking the tired canard of the Clinton White House whoring out the Lincoln Bedroom.

Posted on February 22, 2007

Barack Hollywood

The way a candidate presents himself (or herself) does matter - especially if you are Obama and your case for becoming president is based more on faith in things not yet seen than substantive evidence.

Posted on February 21, 2007

The Obama Kool-Aid Report

By Steve Rhodes
It was a very ordinary speech. Tell the truth, now.

Posted on February 12, 2007

Lincoln vs. Obama

By The Beachwood Rock Star Affairs Desk
More in common then you knew.

Posted on February 11, 2007

JUST IN: Obama Speaks

By The Beachwood Rock Star Affairs Desk
JUST IN: Obama Fired Up.

Posted on February 10, 2007

Barack Obama (D-Daley)

By Steve Rhodes
For all his talk of representing a new kind of politics, Obama's every move smacks of business-as-usual.

Posted on January 23, 2007

The Trouble With Obama

By Steve Rhodes
The real reason why the media is slobbering over Obama is that he helps them move product.

Posted on January 18, 2007

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