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The [Thursday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on January 18, 2018

Today in the Paradise Papers: 'A Fair Tax System Will Be Lost Without Public Pressure.'

Dear Steve,

Today we have an interview with the European Commissioner for tax Pierre Moscovici. He's been trying to fight for a European response to many of the tax scandals exposed by ICIJ projects, including the Paradise Papers.

Moscovici talks candidly about the "shyness" of Europe's new tax haven blacklist and the impact of a new president in the United States. But he also highlights the role individuals have to play and argues we need more public pressure if a fair tax system is to be achieved.

We also have the second in our three-part series on how to explore the mammoth Offshore Leaks Database. You can explore more than 680,000 entities using our tips on how to understand these complex networks.

ICIJ's community of supporters is also growing, and today we're welcoming two new funders, the Swedish Postcode Foundation and the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation.

And, just in case you missed it, last week the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced a $1 million grant to ICIJ at the Golden Globes ceremony.

As a nonprofit organization, ICIJ relies on donations - both big and small - to fund our journalism. If you'd like to join other individuals and organizations in taking a stand to support investigative journalism and ICIJ's mission to safeguard the truth, you can learn more about donating to us here.

Until next week!

Amy Wilson-Chapman
ICIJ's community engagement editor


Previously in The Paradise Papers:

* 'Paradise Papers' Reveal Tax Avoidance, Shady Dealings Of World's Rich And Powerful.

* Just How Much Money Is Held Offshore? Hint: A SHIT-TON.

* Development Dreams Lost In The Offshore World.

* Keeping Offshore 'Hush Hush,' But Why?

* Tax Havens Are Alive With The Sound Of Music.

* Today In Tax Avoidance Of The Ultra-Wealthy.

* Go To Town With This Offshore Leaks Database.

* The Paradise Papers: The View From Africa And Asia.

* The Paradise Papers: The End Of Elusion For PokerStars.

* The Paradise Papers: An Odd Call From The Bermuda Government.

* The Paradise Papers: Nevis Is An Offshore Haven Of Opportunity

* The Paradise Papers: The Long Twilight Struggle Against Offshore Secrecy.


Previously in The Panama Papers:

* The Panama Papers: Remarkable Global Media Collaboration Cracks Walls Of Offshore Tax Haven Secrecy.

* The Panama Papers: Prosecutors Open Probes.

* The [Monday] Papers.

* Adventures In Tax Avoidance.

* Mossack Fonseca's Oligarchs, Dictators And Corrupt White-Collar Businessmen.

* Jonathan Pie, TV Reporter! They're All In It Together.

* Meet The Panama Papers Editor Who Handled 376 Reporters In 80 Countries.


Previously in other tax scammage:

* Deepwater Horizon Settlement Comes With $5.35 Billion Tax Windfall.

* Offshoring By 29 Companies Costs Illinois $1.2 Billion Annually.

* Government Agencies Allow Corporations To Write Off Billions In Federal Settlements.

* The Gang Of 62 Vs. The World.

* How The Maker Of TurboTax Fought Free, Simple Tax Filing.

* $1.4 Trillion: Oxfam Exposes The Great Offshore Tax Scam Of U.S. Companies.

* How Barclay's Turned A $10 Billion Profit Into A Tax Loss.

* Wall Street Stock Loans Drain $1 Billion A Year From German Taxpayers.

* German Finance Minister Cries Foul Over Tax Avoidance Deals.

* Prosecutor Targets Commerzbank For Deals That Dodge German Taxes.

* A Schlupfloch Here, A Schlupfloch There. Now It's Real Money.

* How Milwaukee Landlords Avoid Taxes.

* Study: 32 Illinois Fortune 500 Companies Holding At Least $147 Billion Offshore.

* Watch Out For The Coming Tax Break Trickery.

* When A 'Tax Bonanza' Is Actually A Huge Corporate Tax Break.

* The Hypocrisy Of Corporate Welfare: It's Bigger Than Trump.

* Oxfam Names World's Worst Tax Havens Fueling 'Global Race To Bottom.'

* Offshore Tax Havens Cost Average Illinois Small Business $5,789 A Year.

* State Tax Incentives To Corporations Don't Work.

* GOP Tax Plan Would Give 15 Of America's Largest Corporations A $236 Billion Tax Cut.

* Triumph Of The Oligarchs.


Previously in carried interest, aka The Billionaire's Loophole:

* Patriotic Millionaires Vs. Carried Interest.

* The Somewhat Surreal Politics Of A Private Equity Tax Loophole Costing Us Billions (That Obama Refused To Close Despite Pledging To Do So).

* Fact-Checking Trump & Clinton On The Billionaire's Tax Break.

* Despite Trump Campaign Promise, Billionaires' Tax Loophole Survives Again.

* Carried Interest Reform Is a Sham.


New on the Beachwood today . . .

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Speak Truth To Power
At the Illinois Holocaust Museum.


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A Chicago Blackhawk called him the n-word.




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See also, by Greg Kot: Redheaded Siblings Play It Loud And Proud In White Mystery.



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POLITICS - Life In Chicago: Fraud, Bribery & Sick Time Misuse.
SPORTS - Hockey's Jackie Robinson.

BOOKS - The Myth Of A Litigious Society.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Speak Truth To Human Rights Abusers.

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