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The [Monday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on September 15, 2014

1. The Beachwood Radio Hour #23: Chicago's Orange Revolution Is On!

Fioretti Is In. Plus: Pseudo-Coverage Of A Pseudo-Debate, The War On Illinois' Kids, and Friends Of The Empire Strike Back.

2. Bears' Season Back On!

As I said, turnovers are the only way to beat a superior team.

After all, look at the box score - the 49ers absolutely dominated.

Also as I said, the Bills are 2-0.

Just sayin'.

3. The College Football Report: Go Blue Hose! Boo Charlie Weis! Why Not Pitt?

Why the Blue Hose? Tune in Friday.

4. New Dale Exposed.

Ricky Rentamanager still using training wheels.

5. A Good Guy Who Wore Black.

Paul Konerko was the voice of reason when Ozzie Guillen, Kenny Williams, Hawk Harrelson and Jerry Reinsdorf were not.

6. The Weekend In Chicago Rock (Including Riot Fest) will appear on Tuesday.

7. Chicago Transit System Dysfunctional, Depressing.

"A new study by an international economic organization paints an uncomplimentary portrait of the Chicago area's transportation system, saying it suffers from too many transit agencies and fragmented local governments," the Tribune reports.

"The current state of transit ridership in Chicago is relatively depressing," concludes the report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based research agency whose backers include the world's richest nations, among them the U.S.

"The report found a lack of coordination among the four transit agencies and their four separate boards as well as insufficient accountability. Those issues intensify the economic impact of congestion on Chicago, estimated at over $6 billion in 2011 by the Texas Transportation Institute, the report said."

Cue Howard Jones - no one, no-o one, no one ever, is to blame.


Who wants to help me record that parody song?


You can take the Metra but you can't transfer,
Last leg of the journey but you just can't make it work . . .

Radio says the Blue Line is back on the tracks,
But California station's closed and no Divvys in the racks


See the international rankings that put us behind Philadelphia but ahead of Los Angeles, which barely has mass transit.

8. Rauner Renews Call To Change The Subject Back To The One Thing He Can Hold Against Quinn.

9. Arriving This Morning At O'Hare: 200,000 iPhone 6s From China.

10. Rahm's Kids Go To A Cleaner School Than Yours Do.


Wouldn't it be interesting if every policy enacted at CPS was required to also be imposed on the University of Chicago Lab School where the mayor's kids go?


* No Books For You, City Colleges Of Chicago Students!

* Streetwise Looking For A Publisher.

* Let's Make A New Lakefront Museum About This Lucas.









The Beachwood Tip Line: You can have all the transfer orders you want.


MUSIC - The Week In Chicago Rock.
TV - When The San Diego Chicken Came To Chicago TV.
POLITICS - Beachwood Radio Hour: Chicago's Orange Revolution Is On.
SPORTS - Bears' Season Back On! New Dale Exposed! A Good Guy Who Wore Black! Why Not Pitt?!

BOOKS - Local Book Notes: The Unknown Americans Of The Walmart Republic.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Beachwood Photo Booth: Wagon Master.

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