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The Weekend Desk Report

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on September 23, 2018

For completists, there was no column on Friday.

1. Paging Elon Musk.

"The Navy Pier flyover, meant to connect Chicago's north and south Lakefront trails, has hit another in a long string of delays that have pushed its completion to the end of 2019 at the earliest," WBEZ reports.

"On Friday, the last day of summer, the project missed another target: The Chicago Department of Transportation failed to award a contract for the third and final phase of the project before the end of summer 2018."

2. Rauner's Latest Lie.

"When we reached out to Rauner's campaign to ask when and where they'd heard Pritzker propose a mileage tax with a government tracking device, spokesman Justin Giorgio did not directly answer," the Better Government Association reports.

"'Pritzker has expressed support for a test program,' Giorgio wrote in an e-mail. 'And in every other case, there has been a government tracking device.'

"Likewise, Rauner chose his words a little more carefully during a debate last week televised on NBC 5. 'He was on the record, proposing, saying we all should look at a driving tax,' Rauner asserted at one point.

"So neither Rauner nor his spokesman now go as far as the campaign's ad to contend Pritzker has actually proposed a mileage tax as part of his tax plan, let alone put forth a specific method for taxing those miles.

"As for Giorgio's suggestion that all other pilot programs have required a 'government tracking device,' that is as misleading as it is sinister sounding."

3. Brett Kavanaugh Rehearsing For Thursday's Play.

Memorizing his lines, getting his tone and body language right, practicing narrow range of emotions.

4. The Latest Lead Lines Lunacy.

"The utilities director for the city of East Chicago said they have halted the practice of partial lead line replacements in the USS Lead Superfund site for the time being," the Northwest Indiana Times reports.

"This comes after the Indiana Finance Authority, the agency that financed the city's water infrastructure projects, informed the city that its hired contractor should no longer partially replace lead service lines because the project is funded in part with Environmental Protection Agency dollars.

"Partial lead service line replacements pose potentially long-term risks to homeowners, according to EPA documents."

5. No Robots In Baseball, Please.

"At this very moment, a small beige robot outfitted with unseen blades is quietly cutting a path across the practice baseball field behind Lake Zurich High School. Unless it's in center field charging its battery," the Daily Herald reports.

"The robot, a prototype, is at the center of a new partnership struck over the summer between Echo Inc. and Lake Zurich District 95.

"Under the deal, the high school's fields will be the test site for Echo's autonomous mowers. Echo, meanwhile, committed to making $20,000 annual donations to the district's education foundation for school robotics teams."

But can the robots do stuff like this?


New on the Beachwood . . .

The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #218: Maybe Joe Maddon Will Get Fired After All
The truth comes out about Brandon Morrow, the latest reliever the Cubs manager has ruined. Plus: Addison Russell Placed On Administrative Leave; Confounding Cubs; Mitch Trubinsky (TM); NU & The Zips; and Post-Thibodeau Stress Disorder.



Weekend ChicagoReddit

HUGE Robin Williams tribute mural going up off Milwaukee Ave. from r/chicago


Weekend ChicagoGram

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Along Lake Michigan, #chicago.

A post shared by Meg Handler (@meghandler) on


Weekend ChicagoTube

Washed Ashore: Art To Save The Sea (Shedd Aquarium).


Weekend BeachBook
A sampling.

She Reported Her Rape. Her Hometown Turned Against Her. Can Justice Ever Be Served?

One of the most important stories of the year - though sadly not unique except for the telling.


SeaWorld And Kavanaugh's Missing Empathy Gene.

It's not just about empathy; it's about the misapplication (and fundamental misunderstanding) of the law, as well as a willfully naive notion of how the world works, i.e., businesses are sufficiently motivated to protect the well-being of their employees because of the competitive pressures of the free market.


Dinesh Unchained.

A despicable person.


Made In America: Shrapnel In Yemen Ties U.S. Bombs To Civilian Deaths.

What's been happening in Yemen may be the most underreported story of recent years.


Thalia Hall Owners Respond After Social Media Uproar Surrounding Ex-Server's Allegations.

Uproar IRL, too.


Weekend TweetWood
A sampling.







The Weekend Desk Tronc Line: Distressed.


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