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The [Friday] Papers

By Steve Rhodes / Posted on May 26, 2017

1. WBEZ: Does New Neighborhood Watch Reduce Crime Or Create Resident-Cops?

"On the Far North Side, about 70 members of a controversial new community watch group walk the West Rogers Park neighborhood in orange jackets that were paid for, in part, by the Chicago Police Department.

"The police sergeant who spearheaded the effort sees the watch as a way for residents to work together to reduce property crime in their neighborhood. But others see the orange jackets as a polarizing symbol that authorizes residents to act as an extension of the police."

In fact, that's the stated purpose. Call it anti-community policing.

2. The Tribune's Blair Kamin Does Not Like The Much-Hyped $1 Billion Union Station Revamp.

"Almost apologetically, backers of the just-announced plans for redeveloping Chicago's Union Station are characterizing their proposals as preliminary and conceptual. Apologies are indeed in order."

3. Tribune: Chris Kennedy To Announce The Next Phase Of His Campaign.

A) You mean the not ready for prime time stage is over already? I was so enjoying it.

B) Will deposit $1 million into a black bank next week.

C) Will no longer use the name Kennedy; will just go by CK.

D) Will start dropping his "g's."

4. Tribune: Chicago Cop's Lawyer Calls Laquan McDonald's Killing 'Business As Usual.'


5. Breitbart: Chicago ACORN Affiliated Group Connected To Barack Obama Shuts Down.

Just doing my duty by providing you a glimpse into the alternate universe that is now running the country.


Beachwood Photo Booth
Mail Call.


The Week In Chicago Rock
Featuring: The Record Company, Reeve Carney, Tech N9NE, The Weeknd, Jean-Michael Jarre, Los Inquietos Del Norte, Two Percent, Matianak, and Big Eyes.


The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour: Dear Cubs, Make It Stop
Please, no more cereal, no more themed road trips, no more hero worship of mundane acts. Plus: The Quintana Question; John Fox Is The Sean Spicer Of The Bears; Preds-Pens; and Schweinsteiger!



Fitness Trackers Largely Inaccurate.


The 1985 Chicago Auto Show.


A sampling.




I know you are, but what am I?

We don't know because we have to file a FOIA for your phone records. Besides, if you were, you'd just say so. But we all know it's not the same as being there.


Always read the footnotes.



The Beachwood Tronc Line: Rubber, glue.


MUSIC - The Week In Chicago Rock.
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