Chicago - Aug. 2, 2021
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Doc Hollywood
7 p.m.
A plastic surgeon finishes his residency and heads for a lucrative job in L.A. Distracted, he plows into a fence and is sentenced to community service and fence repair in a small South Carolina town. Such a cliche-ridden formulaic piece of crap I can't keep my eyes off it, my god. Michael J. Fox as the doc and the underrated Julie Warner, whose father wrote jingles for Tic Tacs and Fig Newtons, as his unlikely love interest. C'mon!
Weather Desk
Chicago: 74/62
Whistler, BC: 77/46
Crystal Mountain: 72/52
Manchester, TN: 83/60
Davis, WV: 70/53
Zumbrota, MN: 78/57
Robertsdale, AL: 90/71
Succasunna, NJ: 78/54
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Sometimes we must heal the relationship with ourselves before moving forward. Professional expertise is needed, e.g., psychology, psychiatry etc.
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MUSIC - They Flirted With Disaster.
TV - A Quincy Top 10.
POLITICS - The Traitor Who Is A Great Patriot.
SPORTS - Broken Hearts In Greedy Markets.

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