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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #343: LIV-i-n

Super Bowl recap. Plus: Bears QB Epiphany; Bill Pecota's Predictions; Building Blackhawks Better; Zach's Lack; and State Of Basketball.

Beachwood Radio Network ยท The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #343: LIV-i-n



* 343.

* Befuddled by Boog.

3:16: Super Bowling.






20:16: Bears Still Wentzless.

* Rhodes: "No matter what they do short of Deshaun Watson or moving up in the draft, it's gonna be unsatisfying."

* Epiphany: Fitzmagic.


30:05: Bill Pecota's Predictions.


45:10: Building Blackhawks Better.

* Melton, Second City Hockey: Blackhawks' 6-1-3 Run Sits On A Shaky Foundation.

* Pope, Sun-Times: Bowman: Blackhawks Not 'Holding Back' Additional Info About Jonathan Toews.


1:02:16: Zach's Lack.

* Walter, Pippen Ain't Easy: It's Raining Threes.

* Cowley: If Winning Is The Rule, Bulls May Need To Trade LaVine.


1:07:09: State Of Basketball.

* Loyola Men: 22

* Illinois Men: 6

* Northwestern Women: 21

* DePaul Women: 22




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