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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #299: Bulls Get Their (White) Man

GarPax is dead. We think. Plus: Q Life; Baseball Isn't Coming Back This Year, Folks; Bear Crazy; and Transfer Window.



* 299.

:35: Q Life.

* NBA Horse Participants, Rules, Matchups Revealed.

* Allie Quigley.

* Tamika Catchings.

* Rhodes: "I wonder why they call it Horse and not Loser - it's the same number of letters!"

7:33: Baseball Isn't Coming Back This Year, Folks.


* NCAA Establishes COVID-19 Working Group To Address Potential Challenges For College Football, Other Fall Sports.

* Wolken, USA Today: Mike Gundy's Latest Ridiculous Comments Out Of Touch With Reality Of Coronavirus.


* Players From All 30 Teams Form MLB The Show League.



* Mets Simulation Broadcast Throws Shade At Astros.



25:35: GarPax Is Dead. We Think.

* Theo Karnisovas.

26:35: Bulls Get Their (White) Man.

* The Undefeated: Black Executives Around NBA Frustrated By Bulls' Front-Office Search.



* Goodwill, Yahoo Sports: Source: Arturas Karnisovas Plans To Hire Person Of Color To Be Bulls General Manager.


* Cowley, Sun-Times: John Paxson Willing To Leave Organization.

* Coffman: "Shockingly enough, John Paxson will not be stepping down. He'll still have some sort of role with the Bulls."



* Collier, Tribune: 7 Things To Know About New Bulls Executive Arturas Karsinovas, Including That Time He Played Against The Dream Team And His Love Of EDM.



57:28: Bear Crazy.

* Biggs, Tribune: Nick Foles' Crazy Contract.

* Emma, The Score: Robert Quinn's Crazy Coin Flip.

* Biggs: Ifedi Eyes Starting Job.

(Which is kind of crazy.)

* Biggs Time: Does Nick Foles' low salary-cap number make room for more free agents? What if Mitch Trubisky regains his 2018 form? And why hasn't the Jimmy Graham signing been panned more?

1:06:02: Transfer Window.

* "Abby O'Connor, a 6-foot wing who led Loyola University of Chicago in scoring and rebounding the past two seasons, announced she is transferring to Gonzaga."

* "Guard Alan Griffin plans to transfer from Illinois to Syracuse."




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