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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #206: Bulls Draft Safe And Sound

Not the right year for sexy. Plus: Neymar Is Back!; Super Eagles vs. Our Boys; New Three Favorites; Cubs' Blue Wave; The Ex-Cub Factor; Ricky's Boys Don't Quit Clowning; Joe Maddon Is A Lousy Art Critic; and Schweinsteiger!



* 206.

:46: Sometimes The Safe Pick Is The Right Pick.

* Coffman: "That's nonsense!" ↓



* David Haugh, Wednesday: Bulls And Blackhawks Need To Make Bold Moves At Drafts, Bringing Stars To Chicago.

Conventional wisdom says the team will play it safe by drafting a prospect that fits a profile: a high-character, low-risk player who accomplished much at a powerhouse program, a description that makes Duke's Wendell Carter Jr. or Villanova's Mikal Bridges the choices likely to produce a collective response of "Meh."

* David Haugh, Thursday: Wendell Carter Jr. Is Not The Sexy Pick But The Smart One For The Bulls.

Unrealistic expectations diminished this NBA draft for the Bulls, who set their fans up for disappointment a year ago when they traded All-Star Jimmy Butler and tanked last season.

Perception distorted Thursday night's reality.

Both conscious decisions intensified the pressure on the Bulls to select a savior on the date circled on the Advocate Center calendar for 12 months, to draft a transformational player that instantly sells tickets and raises hopes in a passionate sports town.

Wendell Carter Jr., the physical 6-foot-10, 250-pound big man from Duke taken seventh overall, hardly qualifies as that guy in the eyes of many. But avoid rushing to call the Bulls taking the best player available the draft's worst-case scenario. It isn't. Nothing could be further than the truth.

* Woj bomb (vs. K.C. Johnson).

* Maria Taylor.

* Also, No. 1 lining.

* Womp, womp.

27:40: Neymar Is Back!

* Coffman: Ronaldo Is The King Of The World.

* Goal.


* And then with the crying.


33:33: Super Eagles vs. Our Boys.


* Nigeria's population is about 186 million.


* Bret Stephens: Our Real Immigration Problem.

* Paul Krugman: Return Of The Blood Libel.

39:30: Who's The Favorite Now?

* Brazil.

* Croatia.

* Belgium.

43:48: Blue Wave.

* Featuring: Jason Heyward's Turning Point.

54:45: The Ex-Cub Factor.

* Featuring: Rafael Palmeiro (!), John Lackey, Hector Rondon, Edwin Jackson, Tim Federowicz, Wade Davis, Starlin Castro, Clayton Richard, John Jay, Jorge Soler, Pierce Johnson, Chris Coghlan, Dan Vogelbach, Chris Volstad, Jacob Turner, Zac Rosscup, Dan Haren, Matt Stairs, Kosuke Fukudome, Koji Uehara, Tommy Hunter, Ryan Kalish, James Farris, Jeff Samardzija, Matt Szczur, Jeimer Candelerio, Leonys Martin, and Trevor Cahill.

56:43: Ricky's Boys Don't Quit Clowning.

* If Anybody Actually Cared About The White Sox, This Would Be A Big Deal.

* Wallenstein: Real Prospects.

59:36: Schweinsteiger!

* Fire Advance To USOC Quarterfinals With Win Over Atlanta United.

1:01:13: Joe Maddon Is A Lousy Art Critic.




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