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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #205: Did The Cubs Keep The Right Guys?

Not sayin', just sayin'! Plus: International House of Soccer; The White Sox Are Still Playing - And Not Totally Badly; And With The 7th Pick, The Bulls Select . . . ; and Schweinsteiger!



* 205.

* Fowler Hopes To Get Hot Like Heyward.

1:14: International House Of Soccer.

* How Russia Beat Saudi Arabia In The Opener.

* World Cup Heartbreak For Egypt As Salah Sits And Team Falls.

* Senegal's team: The Lions of Teranga.

* World Cup Politics: Fixed Matches, Fascism & FIFA.

* The 2026 World Cup Is Coming To The U.S., But Not To Chicago.

* Business Insider: No One Wants To Host The Olympics Anymore.

* Field of Schemes.

* The Ringer: Own Goal: The Inside Story Of How The USMNT Missed The 2018 World Cup.

40:04: Schweinsteiger!

* A draw.

40:40: The Cubs Are Weird.

* Kyle Schwarber: goat.

* New band name: Stat Distortion.

* Did they keep the right guys?

* Another grind.

* Tribune: Cubs Move Pitchers Between Mound And Outfield.

* Joey Mads!

* Tribune: After Four Starts, Mike Montgomery Proves He Belongs In Cubs Rotation.

58:08: The White Sox Are Still Playing - And Not Totally Badly.

* Tribune: Carlos Rodon Goes 5 Innings And Gives Up 2 Runs In White Sox's 5-2 Loss To Indians.

* Tribune: No Longer 'Scared' To Attack The Plate, White Sox's Dylan Covey Showing He Belongs.

59:53: And With The 7th Pick, The Bulls Select . . .




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