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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #203: Done With Joe Maddon

Exposed as a deceptively high-strung, arrogant, patronizing bullshitter. Plus: National Boner Association; Hit Me On The Burner, Prepaid Wireless; The NHL's Medieval Times On Ice; Bears OTAs: Over The Adoration; James Shields Is An Asset, Lucas Giolito Is A Disappointment And Michael Kopech Is In The Major League Witness Protection Program Or Something; and Schweinsteiger!



* 203.

:47: National Boner Association.

* ESPN: An Oral History Of The Final Minute Of Regulation Of Cavs-Warriors Game 1.

* New York Times: How The Warriors Won A Wild Game 1 Vs. Cavs.

12:50: Hit Me On The Burner, Prepaid Wireless.

* The Ringer: The Curious Case Of Bryan Colangelo And The Secret Twitter Account.

* ESPN: Sources: 76ers Mull Bryan Colangelo's Dismissal As Twitter-Accounts Probe Focuses On Wife.

21:40: The NHL's Medieval Times On Ice.

* Las Vegas Review-Journal: Stanley Cup Final Prop Bets For Knights-Capitals Game 3.

* The capitol of Kansas is Topeka.

* Washington Post: Alex Ovechkin Is One Of Putin's Biggest Fans. The Question Is Why.

25:25: Bears OTAs: Over The Adoration.

* Sun-Times: Small Issue: Bears' Matt Nagy Not Afraid To Pair Taylor Gabriel With Tarik Cohen.

(We refuse to provide the link. You've seen all you need to see.)

26:28: This Week In The Cubs. This Week In Joe Maddon's Cubsland. As Joe Maddon's Cubs Turn. This Week In Joe Maddon's Cubbieverse. Joe Maddon's Gaslight Theater. I'm Done With Joe Maddon.

* TWIB Notes.

* Willie, Mickey and The Duke.

* Gimenez: I Think Yu Darvish Thinks Chicago Hates Him.

* "Maddon hopes Edwards can begin throwing in two weeks(!)."

That's a long time for a surprise trip to the DL.

* Jayson Stark.

* From my Beachwood Radio Sports Hour notes file:

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 4.21.56 PM.png

* "It was (Heyward's) ground ball to second with men on second and third and none out in the top of the seventh inning that [purportedly] got his manager most excited.

"I love the ground ball to second, RBI," Joe Maddon said after the game. "Second and third, I've been waiting for that play. I always call that the double jeopardy. Move 'em over and get him in. That gets so overlooked in the scheme of things. It was outstanding."

* The Slide/s: Joe Maddon is just wrong. The more he lashes out and more stubborn he is the more wrong he is.

* Lineuptista Diva:


"Joe Maddon continues to rotate his players in and out of his lineups. Tonight Ian Happ is in CF while Albert Almora Jr and Addison Russell get the day off: Ben Zobrist is at 2b with Javy Baez at SS: 'I can't emphasize enough, for those on twitter asking these questions, it's really important to balance all these guys' playing time and if you look at their at-bats right now it's pretty even.'"


Now Cubs Twitter getting into the act.


* Coffman: Memorial Cubs.

* Rick Wilkins.

* Joe And Joe Have A Cup Of Joe.

57:57: James Shields Is An Asset, Lucas Giolito Is A Disappointment And Michael Kopech Is In The Major League Witness Protection Program Or Something.

* Tyler Nogood vs. Lucas Suckalotto.

* James Shields Could Pitch His Way To A Contender.

1:01:34: Schweinsteiger!

* Chicago Fire On Brink Of Beachwood Sports Hour Relegation.

1:02:10: Wisconsin Dragons.

* More to come on this breaking story.




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