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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #170: Joe Maddon's Magical Mystery Tour

Pulling Strings, Pushing Tin. Plus: Maddon's Musical Chairs; The White Sox Are Still Playing - Some Of Them Well!; Extend The Freakin' Nets Already; The Blackhawks' Very Short Preseason Is Underway And Almost Over; Hey, Doug Collins Is Back; Schweinsteiger!; Bears Barf; and Aaron Hernandez, 12-Year-Olds & CTE.



* 170.

:45: Pulling Strings, Pushing Tin.

* That Game.

But . . .

And . . .

27:28: Maddon's Musical Chairs.

* Andracki: Joe Maddon Has No Intention Of Playing Albert Almora Jr. More.

* Doolittle: Cubs' Lineup Puzzle Keeps Getting More Complicated.

* Jason Heyward's WAR this season is 0.9. He's a -8.8 offensively, and a 2.8 defensively.

* NOTE: Rhodes disagrees with Coffman on the value of corner outfield defense; Heyward has four Gold Gloves and a shit-ton of defensive runs saved. Doesn't mean he shouldn't sit at times, but not ready put him on the scrap heap either.

43:03: The White Sox Are Still Playing - Some Of Them Well!

44:12: Extend The Freakin' Nets Already!

47:37: The Blackhawks' Very Short Preseason Is Underway And Almost Over!

* Schmaltz, Saad Shine.

* Alex DeBrincat Pushing For Roster Spot.

49:46: Hey, Doug Collins Is Back!

* Johnson: Bulls Open To Buying Out Dwyane Wade - At Their Price.

55:57: Schweinsteiger!

* Calf Injury Could Keep Bastian Schweinsteiger Out Of 3rd Straight Fire Game.

56:53: Former Sky Player Not Named Elena Delle Donne Wins League MVP - Chicago Team Once Had Them Both.

57:29: The Best College Football Program In Illinois Keeps Humming.

* Huskies Get Nebraska AD Fired.

1:00:13 Bears Barf.

* Unknown: The Bears may have to pass up a QB prospect in the first round of the coming draft who is better than Trubisky!

* Cahill: Stats Show Glennon Every Bit Worse Than You Think.

* Biggs: Ugh.

* Jeremy Langford From Ravens' Practice Squad To IR.

* Jacquizz Rodgers The Bucs' Main Back.

* Benny Cunningham Practiced Thursday For The Bears.

* Dear Dan Wiederer And Jim Coffman: The Bears Have No Chance To Beat The Steelers, C'mon!

* Bears Savior Tanner Gentry Clears Waivers - Again - And Is Re-Signed To The Practice Squad!

* Lance Briggs Now Member Of Media Contingent Preaching Accountability.

1:16:49: Aaron Hernandez, 12-Year-Olds And CTE.




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