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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #169: Joe Maddon Doesn't Need No Stinkin' Meetings

Inside the Cubs' volatile stretch run. Plus: Bears Strangely Competent; White Sox' Future . . . Here?; Blackhawks' Future . . . Here?; South Parking Lot Saga; Stupid CFL; Amateur Doping; and Schweinsteiger!



* 169.

:23: No Meetings Maddon.

* Not Into It.

* Pepper Martin: The Wild Horse Of The Osage.

* Jen-Ho Tseng, Taylor Davis Feel Nerves In First Cubs Starts.

* Jesus, Christ! Jose Quintana!

* Baezian™!

* Maddon Planning To Use Wade Davis For More Than 3 Outs.

* Two More Hours To Not Come To The Ballpark!

37:27: The White Sox' Future Is . . . Here?

* The Big Three.

38:41: The Blackhawks' Future Is . . . Here?

39:36: The Competent Bears.

* Trubiskyites Terribly Wrong.

* Immobile Mike.

* Mea Culpa.

* Moral Victories Neither Moral Nor Victories.

* Tarik Cohen Disappointingly Not Jewish.

* Bernstein & Goff Owe Another Caller An Apology.

* Maybe It Wasn't Bobbie Massie's Fault!

* Football Is A Film Game!

* Kevin White Is A Bust But Was Not A Starter!

* Bears Were Not Hiding Adam Shaheen, He Just Sucks!

* Dion Sims Looks Good!

* Pernell McPhee Madness!

* Sam Acho Strangely Competent!

1:12:24: South Parking Lot Saga.

* Starring George McCaskey and David Haugh.

1:15:32: Tampa Test.

* Hoge Forgets Tampa Knows Glennon, Too.

1:17:46: Stupid CFL.

* Coffman: "They're still getting it wrong."

1:19:03: Amateur Doping.

1:19:39: Schweinsteiger!

* Playoff Push!

* Take A Party Bus, People!


STOPPAGE: 21:12!


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