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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #185: The Right Way For Owners To Get Richer

Lower prices, more revenue, better food, shorter lines. Plus: The Bears' Front Office Is Injured; I Am Obsessed With Who Will Be The Cubs' Backup Catcher; The Blackhawks Have Been Secretly Rebuilding; The Bulls' Tank Is Over; NFL's Two Worst Fan Bases To Meet In Super Bowl; Schweinsteiger!; and There Is No White Sox News.



* 185.

* Chris Kennedy, everyone!


* Robert Marshall for Governor.

2:08: The Falcons' Win-Win For The Fans (Now Let's Get To Work On Ticket Prices).

* Darren Rovell is . . . Darren Rovell! It is the same guy: Why People Hate Darren Rovell.

(For one, he blocks even those with the slightest bit of criticism or differing opinion, including @BeachwoodReport for reasons he can't even remember.)

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 4.59.31 PM.png

* Rovell, ESPN: Falcons Drop Concession Prices, Make More Money.

* New York Times: In Atlanta, Concessions Prices Go Down and Revenue Goes Up

* 2016 interview with Arthur Blank laying out the plan:


* The Kent Hrbek Bloody Mary As Served At The Minnesota Twins' Ballpark:



* The Ricketts Family's Bison Dog As Served At Wrigley Field:



* Bears Will Not Raise Season-Ticket Prices Next Season.

32:45: The Bears' Front Office Is Injured.

* Jahns: Bears To "Part Ways" With Head Trainer Nate Breske.

* Biggs, May 2015: Bears Hire New Head Trainer.

* Jahns, July 2016: Fueling The Bears' Fire: Meet Nutrition Guru Jennifer Gibson.

42:12: I Am Obsessed With Who Will Be The Cubs' Backup Catcher.

* Baffoe: The Cubs & The Conspiracy Of A Backup Catcher.

* Chris Gimenez, The Latino David Ross!

* Other non-roster catching invites coming to spring training: Taylor Davis, Ian Rice and Ali Solis. (Victor Caratini is on the roster?)

45:10: The Blackhawks Have Been Secretly Rebuilding.

* They have 13 players under 25 this year vs. four last year.


* Crawford Getting Closer To Returning.

* How The Inner Ear Balance System Works:


52:00: The Tank Is Over.

* Johnson: Bulls Could Have A Brief Stay In Lottery Land.

57:55: NFL's Two Worst Fan Bases To Meet In Super Bowl.

59:38: The Loyola Ramblers Are Back, Baby!

1:01:08: Schweinsteiger!

1:01:17: There Is No White Sox News.




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