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All Is Not Forgiven, John Fox & Co.

"The last time the Bears were victorious was the same week the Cubs last won a game, and if that feels like a long time ago, it's because it was," Barry Rozner writes for the Daily Herald.


"Forget the Bears' lost season for just a moment and keep in mind that all that matters is that whether rookie Mitchell Trubisky is good at quarterback," Dan Bernstein of The Score writes.

"If he is, everything is fine for general manager Ryan Pace and whomever the new coach may be after this slog is over."

NO. This narrative is aggravating. For Trubisky to have been worth the draft picks Pace gave up to get him, he has to be way better than, say, Deshaun Watson and the rest of the 2017 quarterback cohort.


"[Kendall] Wright revealed the [receiving] corps calls itself 7-Eleven because 'we're always open,'" David Haugh writes for the Tribune.

But they're not! More like a store that's only open one day a year! C'mon!


To Bears - and Bengals - Twitter.

Is this good or bad? What is the league average? Stats are frequently meaningless unless they are compared to something.


I'm no Bears defender, but maybe this is "progress," "development" or "Bengals."


But I thought they had to establish the run? #CompetingConvenientNarratives


Not really.







Comments welcome.

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