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The Beachwood Radio Hour #51: Re-Electing Rahm

Journalism can't compete with advertising without a strategy. Plus: Poor Phil Ponce; Rahm's "Bs" Are B.S.; Secret Sacks; The Kris Bryant Pundit Trap; and Rahm's Tyrannical Mandate.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:19: The Mob at Cobra Lounge on Tuesday night.

2:13: Re-Electing Rahm.

* Money changes everything.

* Brainwashing campaign complete.

* Journalism can't compete without a strategy.

9:10: Jesse Thomas at Thalia Hall on Tuesday night.

10:05: Poor Phil Ponce.

* Rhodes: There's No Debate: Phil Ponce Blew It.

* Puente: Who Is The Loser In The Chicago Mayoral Debate? Phil Ponce.

* Media rallies around one of their own.

* Miner: Forgive Ponce His Unpleasant Questions.

* Michaeli responds.

34:20: When Night Falls at the House of Blues on Monday night.

35:44: The [Friday] Papers.

* The 42nd Ward toilet bowl.

* The Defender has its day.

* Paying for the privilege of hosting the NFL draft.

* Bernie is back!

* Rahm's "Bs" are B.S.

* Secret Sacks.

* The Not-At-All-Odd Couple.

50:59: Incognito at the House of Blues on Thursday night.

52:14: The Kris Bryant Pundit Trap.

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #43: Kris Bryant Has Ricketts.

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #44: Alice In Cubsland.

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #45: Chicago Sports Pundit Super Worried About Ricketts Family Fortune.

55:00: Esta at Lincoln Hall on Wednesday night.

55:45: Rahm's Coming Tyrannical Mandate.


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Posted on April 5, 2015

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TV - How White Republicans See BLM.
POLITICS - Car Wash Workers Finally Win.
SPORTS - Cubs Screwing FO - And Themselves.

BOOKS - How Comics Make Sounds.

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