Chicago - Jun. 11, 2021
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Breaking: Trump Will Not Recognize His Own Re-Election

Transcript of this morning's statement by the President of the United States.

Hello, this is President Donald Trump reaching out to America to say I'm feeling fine. And to say, "Thank you, thank you" to all the people that've stood beside me during this minor incident.

It's like I've said: I am stronger than the Chinese virus and so are the American People!

I've had a worse time with Athlete's Foot than with this supposed killer.

But today we face a far greater threat to America than whatever Chinese scientists can come up - everything they know, they stole from us.

Everybody knows that.

I'm talking about the wholesale massive electoral fraud that the Democrats and Antifa are cooking up.

They've printed so many ballots that that thousands of them are blowing around in Las Vegas parking lots - and out in the desert too!

The pictures are up online, you can see the Truth for yourself.

There has never been a more rigged and phony election in the history of the world than this one - ten thousand years of elections across the world and never one as phony as this!

Therefore I will NEVER concede defeat to senile socialist "Old Joe" under any circumstances.

Never, people. Never.

But also - knowing that this "election" is a phony sham - neither will I take office if I win. After all, why should I accept ANY result of this "election?"

I will therefore NOT accept a second term even if I supposedly "win" this fraudulent false fraud.

Fair is fair, truth must be told.

But you can count on me - the STRONGEST President in history (you finally have a President who stood up AMERICA and its workers, shut down the China war against our people, beat the virus, the fake news, and the Deep State).

I will not accept either victory or defeat from this totally fraudulent election.

But I will keep serving to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN until the Supreme Court - I've got the Greatest People there, they are the best in world - makes us have a LEGAL election.

Or tosses out all the FAKE votes from the Democrat fraudsters, the illegals, and the criminals.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Thank you.


Previously by Steve Eckardt: This Chicago Writer Warned Us 25 Years Ago.


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 6, 2020

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