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Uber Uber Alles

"I'm waiting for the Uber version of Uber, where drivers don't even have licenses or insurance. The uber-competitive model!"

- Tim Willette

Uber Uber: We drive you to your Uber driver.

Reverse Uber: You drive us somewhere!

Uber Russia: Car drives you.

Uber Liquor: You save because our competitors pay for silly licenses and tax stamps and we don't.

Uber Utilities: Now with surge pricing.

Uber Undertaker: Why pay for a coffin? We dump the body in the river.

Uberserk: We drive you crazy.

Ubarfly: We drive you to drink.

Ubarleywine: We drive you to drink barleywine.

Ubarrel: Lowest price transport over Niagara Falls.

Doober: A collection of independent contractors who are always holding and just a text away.

Progressive Uber: Pricing according to income.

Chicago Uber: Only available to somebodies somebody sent.

Local Celebrity Uber: George Ryan will drive you around the city if you listen to him tell you about how he got screwed; Billy Corgan will drive you if you listen to him explain how underappreciated he is; Bruce Wolf will drive you if you aren't black.


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Posted on January 14, 2015

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SPORTS - Cubs Screwing FO - And Themselves.

BOOKS - How Comics Make Sounds.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Illinois Caverns Reopening After 10 Years.

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