Chicago - Jun. 11, 2021
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I, For One, Welcome Our New Hologram Arcade Machine Overlords

Hi There,

I am from Euclideon Entertainment, you might have seen us or read about us from IAAPA this year.

Usually we manufacture Holographic tables for Government and Military applications, but this year we created the world's first Hologram Arcade Machine.

We are looking to come over to promote these and would very much like to have a meeting with you.

These tables are designed specifically for family entertainment centers and create objects made out of light that float in the air; think Star Wars.

Below is a quick YouTube video to give you a better idea:

If this is something that you feel could be of benefit to your center, please let me know and I would be happy to organize a time to talk more.

Kind Regards,

Jason Roberts | Sales Manager
Euclideon International Ltd
5 Palmer Place, Murarrie, Queensland, Australia, 4172


See also:

* Euclideon Expands USA Presence With New Bolingbrook Office.

* Middle East's First Hologram Arcade By Euclideon To Open In Oman.

* Euclideon on Wikipedia.


Comments welcome.


Posted on December 11, 2018

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