Chicago - May. 10, 2021
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Saul Tillock's Chicago Blues

"Most people sit down to write the best book ever written. Tillock has somehow managed to write the worst."



"Bestsellers aren't meant to be this good. They're meant to be much, much better." - Nic Lender, The View

"I couldn't put it down, because I wouldn't pick it up." - Brioin O'Brioin, The Literary Supplement

"Books like this only come along once in a generation - thank God." - Layla Tyler, Hoopers' Weekly

"In a world of average writers, Tillock stands head and shoulders below them all." - Amy Twee, The Guide

"Tillock has singlehandedly created a new genre: Illiterature." - Liam Walker, Galway News

"A real page-burner." - Andrea Swanson, Boston Review


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Posted on April 6, 2020

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