Chicago - Jun. 11, 2021
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Local Book Notes: Killer Poet Up For Parole

"The underground Chicago literary community knew him as J.J. Jameson; the Massachusetts penal system knew him as Norman A. Porter Jr., a murderer who escaped in 1985," the Los Angeles Times reports.

"In 2005, Porter/Jameson was arrested in Chicago. 'It's been a good 20-year run,' he told the police at the time. Now in his mid-70s, Porter is up for parole in Boston."

Now with your Happy Meal.

Read It And Eat
Cookbook bookstore.

"Author Robert Beck was born in the inner city of Chicago, Ill. in 1918. He is known as one of the most celebrated names in the genres coined as 'street lit' or 'black experience novels,' melding his tumultuous experiences as a career criminal and panderer with an uncanny ability to recount some of the most horrific and sorrowful scenes of urban street life and transform them into beautiful gems of literary expressionism."

The C-1 Squad
"n 1957, J. Edgar Hoover instituted the Top Hoodlum Program in response to the raid on the New York State Police in Apalachin, NY in 1957. This was a time for unchartered territory in the FBI in the war against organized crime.

"Retired FBI Special Agent Vincent L. Inserra was at the forefront of this war, heading Chicago's organized crime unit known as the C-1 Squad from 1957-1976. As tribute to these agents, C-1 and the Chicago Mob shares the resourcefulness, ingenuity and determination these agents displayed during a time when the FBI did not have the necessary tools or legislation to combat organized crime."

Peters' Plight
"When Joan Peters went to the Holy Land in the mid-1970s, her aim was to investigate the plight of Palestinian refugees who, she believed, had been unconscionably deprived of their rights by Israel, with the aid of the United States.

"A former White House foreign policy consultant for the Middle East and a self-described liberal, she devoted seven years to intensive, original research. She arrived, however, at an unexpected conclusion: Arab political and territorial claims to Israel are based on a myth.

"Joan Peters Caro, the author of the controversial bestseller From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict, died Monday night at her home in Chicago of complications from a stroke at the age of 78."


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Posted on January 13, 2015

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