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What I Watched Last Night: Aaron Spelling, Aaron Sorkin, The Love Boat, The Rockford Files, M*A*S*H, Cheers, Falcone, Kolchak, Road House

An e-mail correspondence.

Steve: Idea: An Aaron Spelling and Aaron Sorkin production.

Tim: Long walk and talks on the Love Boat.


Tim: Columbo Johnny Cash episode on Cozi.

Steve: Got it!

Tim: The Movement.


Tim: Today's trivia: Coach from Cheers directed this episode.

Steve: No way!




Tim: Also so far I've counted two M*A*S*H generals - the USAF colonel (general who got chef-infantryman Ed Begley Jr. reassigned as cook) and the guy in the studio just now (Gen. Barker, who Frank and Margaret complain to when Hawkeye is made chief surgeon - also played Boss Hogg).

Steve: You are out of control!

Tim: This guy now is a dead ringer for Dean Acheson.


Steve: "'Jump' was followed by two more singles from 1984: 'I'll Wait,' a ballad whose chorus was written by Roth with an uncredited Michael McDonald . . . "

Tim: That's . . . odd.

Phone phreak story on Rockford, interesting. The real Cap'n Crunch phreak named himself after a toy whistle prize the cereal maker distributed in Cap'n Crunch boxes. The whistle played a perfect 2600 Hz tone, which in the AT&T system was the means deployed by an operator to take control of a phone line (and which phreaks exploited to do same). Nick would appreciate this episode.

Steve: I'm watching!

Tim: At 9:00 I'm stepping out for 15 minutes - can you tell me what happened on the next episode?

Steve: Something about a cop TV show called Falcone . . .


Steve: Kolchak is on ME-TV.

Tim: I've never watched it, but I put it in my notice file. Good stuff?

Steve: Eh, not paying attention.


Tim: Road House has been playing all weekend. It makes me wonder if there's a remake in the works. It's airing now on Reelz (just started).

Steve: Reelz House.

Tim: Seriously, it's been on three networks this weekend.

Dalton's cutting people loose.

"There's always barber college."


Submissions to What I Watched Last Night - and comments - welcome.


Posted on July 3, 2017

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