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What I Watched Last Night

Last night I watched some pollution legally and literally go down off the coast of Florida. Florida allowed an old Navy aircraft carrier to sink and create a man-made reef. I do not claim to be a marine biologist, but isn't it dangerous to put a mammoth, thousand-some-ton hunk of metal into the ocean?

I would imagine so, I mean, it's metal and rubber and all the other do-dads that go into machines.

Navy machines are the greatest types of machines because they can make things explode in air and water and on land. See, Army machines can only blow things up on land, and Air Force machines can only blow stuff up in the air and sometimes on land. The Navy gets to have all the fun. Flying machines lived on this machine and blew up other machines and, supposedly, that won the great U.S. of A. a war or two.

A war is where machines and people blow each other up and one side wins when the other has nothing more to be blown up. If you have been watching the news lately you may have forgotten that the USA is in a few of those crazy things called wars.

So after a glorious career of blowing things up, this carrier is laid to rest off the coast of Florida. I suppose that the fish and the dolphins will like to play in it; it seems that aquatic life enjoys ships submerged in water. For example, look in any fish store - there are sunken ships all over the place. If I had an aquarium, I would sink a model aircraft carrier into it for my fish to have a real life experience.

I guess if I did that the glue could be toxic, but if sinking a real aircraft carrier into the ocean is okay, it must be fine to do it on a smaller scale.

It's not like there is anything that could harm the eco-system in that boat. Nothing like rubber or jagged pieces of metal, or oil, or chemicals, or wires, or debris floating around it.

I like the environment, it has been around all my life and, in fact, it has sustained my life. So I would think that is reason enough to like it. I am wondering, though, how a documentary could show a step-by-step plan on how to ruin an ocean and get away with it. It seems like these days if you slap a documentary title on anything you can show it. Like Michael Moore polluted everyone's minds by force-feeding extremely liberal nonsense down our throats. And Colin Powell's little Power Point presentation on WMD in Iraq. Documentaries get some real credibility for being way too overzealous.

I guess that if Kim Jong Il, or KJ, wanted to get away with blowing up an even bigger machine than a Navy
machine, he could tape it and send it out as a documentary and we would all lap it up.


Posted on October 11, 2006

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