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What I Watched Last Night

What a great day on television yesterday. All angles were covered. Baseball and football all day long. Bears win. Movies galore making for great filler. Let me walk you through it.

Bears game with some Sandlot filler. Into the Eagles game with more Sandlot filler. Dirty Jobs marathon on Discovery peppered throughout the day. Padres playing later in the evening with some Platoon. I caught a little of that X-Men II movie. Cast Away on TNT. Austin Powers 2 in the afternoon. That stupid Deal or No Deal show got me for a little time. A True Life marathon on MTV. Zoolander, Fargo, Forrest Gump, Ghostbusters 2, and (the original) Willy Wonka. There was so much television on all day and night that it could have been spread over two days.

Speaking of two days, the season finale of Two-A-Days on MTV is this week. I actually like that show.

All of this glee could stem from a few things, including a great win on Saturday by my Huskers, the fact that Yankees are out of the playoffs, and that my couch is still really comfortable.

Sunday reminded me of why television is so important. Every fall and winter we humans go the way of the bear and stay inside and relax. Television is typically our only outlet to the outside world as we hunker down in the colder months. It is good to see that there have been some moves in recent weeks by the major broadcasting networks. Just a few weeks ago I complained about the Sunday situation and how it was becoming more of a let-down rather than a surprise. This Sunday redeemed itself for all of those past occurrences.

It is great to see that television has not forgot about us on the most important day of viewing. Sundays have always served as my relaxation outlet. I awake on Sunday and look forward to lying on my ass all day long and watching television. When someone calls me on a Sunday, they know exactly what I am doing all day. I tend to order in and watch all the television I can handle. I am glad that Sunday television is back, and in a real good way.


Posted on October 9, 2006

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