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What I Watched Last Night

Being that this is my second installment on this Internet daily, I thought I would take it seriously. That was obviously a mistake. I thought I would choose a program to watch and then write about it. I chose Pee Wee's Playhouse on The Cartoon Network at 10 o'clock during their Adult Swim portion of programming. Watching that show for the first time since Paul Reubens was arrested for viewing movies inappropriately was a little frightening. I learned a lot about myself while watching for a half-hour. I felt exhausted; I got up at a commercial break to take a break for myself.

In this particular episode, Pee Wee decides to do some redecorating. Conky is the robot that creates secret words for the playhouse and today's secret word is "house." Every time the word "house" is said, every person must scream as loud as they can (all parents should be exuberant that this show is off the air on Saturday mornings). The chairs are talking and barking, a cowboy walks in wearing purple pants, the floor begins to speak to all of them, and then they all have tea together. They all claimed it was sun tea but I have a sneaking suspicion that there was a little more to the tea than herbs.

Speaking of 70s drug culture, it was 10th annual "70s Night" at Wrigley Field last night, and the Cubs won. Now they are only 18 games under .500. Apparently, cowboy hats were extremely popular in the 70s because I saw plenty of them at the ballpark last night. I got the afros and the polyester suits and the sunglasses. Before we go any further, polyester last night was a really stupid idea. It was a hundred degrees, we're not impressed.

Anyhow, the cowboy hat? People must not be allowed to make up reasons to wear cowboy hats. I wish I could wear one all the time, especially a straw one, but I resist that temptation because it is not the Chicago norm. From now on, if you want to wear a cowboy hat, wear it. I will look at you funny, and so will other people, but you are having a good time - that is what it is really all about. So when you see a regular guy in a straw hat, just think to yourself, "He's having a good time," and smile at him. If he winks, it's me.


Posted on August 2, 2006

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