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What I Watched Last Night: My Boys and Celebracadabra

I don't think I have to remind readers how much I detest My Boys - okay, maybe I do, see the Kill Me Now Again item - but it's back and it's as bad as ever. And no, I'm not just thrilled to hear our teeny tiny burg mentioned on, gadzooks, TV! Oh my God, they mentioned the Billy Goat!

Last night's season debut was a typical mish-mash of underdeveloped story lines (PJ's here-and-gone-again attraction to Bobby; what happens when a bar regular sleeps with, in the show's words, a cocktail waitress, though who would use such a term at a bar like - talk about trying too hard - "Crowley's"?); underdrawn characters (can these guys get any more single-dimensional?), stale dialogue ("Enquiring minds want to know!") and inane overexertion (er, um, a Chicago radio jock who wants to play "alternative" music and wears a different band's t-shirt in every scene? Please.)

Believe me, the sneak preview is far better than the actual show. I mean, the sneak preview isn't bad. But trust me, it goes very far downhill from there.

Paging the Children's Museum!
Doesn't the first user comment here sound a little, you know, astroturfy? I mean, really. And there are lots more!

On the other hand, the third commenter says: "This show sucks to holy hell."

The depressing career (see the bottom) of C. Thomas "Ponyboy" Howell reached another milestone last night when the erstwhile child actor won the first season of Celebracadabra.

He does have a stage presence and pulled off a decent routine, but when you shake yourself out of it and realize what you're watching, depression sets in again.

I was sort of excited to watch Bravo's A-List Awards because I'm a Kathy Griffin fan, but I couldn't exactly figure out what the hell they were; the nominees were the Most Boring Nominees Ever.

"It was apparent they had forgotten the one key ingredient: celebrities," writes Lindsay Mannering at Huffington Post.

I bailed after K-Griff made fun of Tila Tequila. It was good, but fish in a barrel.


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Posted on June 13, 2008

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