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What I Watched Last Night

OK, I was ready to make complete fun of Friday night's premiere of Country Music Television's preview of Karaoke-Dokey. But then - by an odd succession of events fueled by a bottle of Dr. McGillicuddy's Cherry Schnapps, a leftover Edwardo's Pizza, sexual intrigue, and a bag of Kruncher's potato chips - I got caught up unexpectedly in last night's Comedy Central late-night marathon of The Sarah Silverman Program.

OK, forget the fact that Jimmy Kimmel has some pretty fine taste in women, on top of being probably one of the few comic guys today who could stand up to her in a pissing contest. For some reason, I keep thinking that modern-day comic gods like Jerry Seinfeld would get spit back out on a date with her. She's the kind of woman you'd bring home to mom and dad - when mom and dad aren't home. And forget the fact that Sarah looks very much like Marisa Tomei would look if she lived in South Chicago's Bush neighborhood 30 years ago and shopped for all her personal belongings at Angel's kinda-resale shop on Commercial Avenue.

I can only say this: I have seen one of the rare shining lights when it comes to television presented by one of the most disturbed - but for some reason, one of the most likable and oddly hot - human beings on the planet. Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Sarah Silverman has not only changed my opinion of how one might look upon the homeless, AIDS, explaining abortion to youngsters, hideously unattractive dumpy and gay people (and whether they're qualified to do a makeover without being being flaming queens), and maybe even the ants crawling around my ant farm if I had one. But above all, she makes being critical and mean-spirited something you'd find erotically attractive if you ran across her on eHarmony.com if eHarmony.com didn't feel compelled to screen out people like her - and those attracted to her humor - with their psycho-babble Rorschach test

How she managed to land a gig on Comedy Central being all critical and mean-spirited without Comedy Central wondering how to censor critical and mean-spirited'ness is beyond me. So excuse me now while I go build a shrine to her or something for not having a program about nothing.


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Posted on March 12, 2007

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