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WGN Morning News Better Without Audio

"This - this tops it all. This tops the fake plane crash, this tops everything!"


Favorite: The crack about buying a cheap sound board because it's probably true.


Best Jezebel comment: "I would hold up a sign saying 'go to our website and read twice as many stories in a third as long as it takes to get it from the televised broadcast.' My boyfriend loves watching the news every night and I can't stand it. Each thing they cover is a story I already read that morning or on my lunch break online and you can't skip over the puff pieces you may not care about.


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Posted on February 24, 2014

MUSIC - Bill Withers In The Beachwood.
TV - Bubble Wrap TV.
POLITICS - Pleading For Protection.
SPORTS - The Truth About Ed Farmer.

BOOKS - Jesus Didn't Believe In Hell.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Where Big Gods Came From.

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