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We Hate My Boys Too

My Boys, how we hate thee, let us count the ways . . .

Since we missed the first show of the season, you'll have to forgive us if we stick to reasons we hated last night's episode.

1. Bobby's hair.

Is it a comb-over? A bad dye job? Maybe both? Whatever the issue, it was distracting every time he was in a scene.

2. Mike.

Each show, he becomes a bigger and bigger douchebag. As it was his birthday - is he 35? Is he 40? Or was it, gasp, 43! - he was particularly irritating. Plus, how the hell did this random group get together again? We thought Mike was a college friend.

3. Bobby's family has its assets seized.

I've never lost my fortune nor invested it with a crook, but I'm going to guess that if you lose all your money in a Ponzi scheme, the Feds don't really come over and kick you in the nuts by taking all your shit. Isn't that the bank's job? Unless Bobby's family was in on the scheme, why were they sending over a Fed and a policewoman?

Editor's Note: And then they pulled that hilarious classic gag of having a character surmise the policewoman as a birthday party stripper. Way to earn your paycheck, writers!

And how were those two going to take everything? And why wasn't Bobby more upset? Which brings us to No. 4.

4. Bobby's reaction to his family's assets being seized.

If your family fortune is going down the tubes, wouldn't you be with your family instead of getting random phone calls from your brother telling you your assets are about to be seized? And wouldn't you be freaking out? Instead, Bobby explains that they just need to make a brief detour to his place before resuming a pub crawl.

5. Mike's job.

How does Mike earn a living working for Kenny at a memorabilia shop?

6. Ridiculous Chicago name-dropping.

Our new drinking game consists of taking a drink every time a character mentions something Chicago-related to drive home the fact that this takes place in Chicago. Hey, did he just say Bucktown? Drink! Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Fullerton Avenue? Drink, drink, drink.

7. How to get a movie deal.

Now, I realize I don't have a book, nor do I have an agent, but I'm going to guess that if my agent sets me up with a movie producer to discuss making a movie out of my book that my agent sent him, my agent is going to be at that meeting, not my dorky boyfriend.

8. Brendan.

Sure he's cute, but grow up, dude. Actually, the best part of the show is seeing what T-shirt he might be wearing.

9. The poker table.

Since they gave up actually playing poker in Season 2, they can stop pretending and just drink around a coffee table in the living room like everyone else.

10. Crowley's.

Seriously, everything else is so fake Chicago, but you couldn't find a real Chicago bar for them to hang out in?


Comments welcome.


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Posted on August 4, 2010

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