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Watch Rahm Emanuel Try To Be Funny On Letterman

Oozing disingenuousness.


Note how he inadvertently acknowledges his lifelong dream wasn't to become mayor of Chicago, as was asserted during his campaign; he didn't want the chief of staff job because he was on the fast track to his real dream, which was to become Speaker of the House.

Also note that, correspondingly, he had no plan to return to Chicago (he was raising his family in D.C.), as was asserted during his residency battle.

And oh Lord, the dead fish story again! Let it be, people.


Also, was the naked gym story really not true? I don't know anyone who doesn't believe it happened, particularly because the details sound so familiar to so many - especially the poking in the chest. (Just ask Scott Waguespack.)

Note too how Rahm doesn't really dispute anything specifically about the story, he just issues a general blanket denial that doesn't tell us what exactly isn't true - he wasn't naked, he wasn't at the gym that day, I mean, what?


Previously on Letterman:

Top Ten Reasons Rahm Emanuel Left The White House:


And in 2010, Letterman did a Top Ten SIgns Rahm Emanuel Is Nuts. The video is now (suspiciously) offline. But here is the list:

10. Every morning takes a leak off the Truman balcony.

9. President Obama smokes cigarettes; Rahm eats them.

8. Spotted today at Toyota dealership.

7. He's leaving Obama to become a special advisor to Richard Nixon.

6. In a fit of rage, he snapped Dennis Kucinich in half.

5. Changing his name to Rahm Emanuel Lewis.

4. Refers to every cabinet official as "Clarkie."

3. Recently got into heated policy debate with his stapler.

2. You mean, besides walking around D.C. naked?

1. Even Andy Dick is telling him to chill.


See also: Rahmedy Central.


Comments welcome.


Posted on September 10, 2013

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