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TV Notes: Freak Shows and Erection Drugs

Recent observations from more TV viewing than should be allowed even in a democracy.

1. I think those of us who have been fans from day one can all say we were disappointed with the opening episode of Mad Men's second season. Maybe all the attention will spoil the show. I had a hard time grasping the plot lines or even what the hell the characters were saying. A head-scratcher - and not in a good way.

2. I watch a lot of "freak shows" on cable and find them to be compassionate and illuminating. The story of the half-man, half-tree broadcast recently was particularly moving.

Here is an update on the man's condition.

3. I also watched The Man With No Face recently.

4. I know it must not be easy to come up with ad campaigns for erectile dysfunction drugs, but man! I'm not entirely sure why, but the Viva Viagra! commercial called "Nashville" bugs the shit out of me. I think it's because it has a certain smug quality to it - it's almost too well-done. See, here are some old Nashville session hands working late in the studio, and they're men, slightly leathery but also (country) musical and still relatively good-looking and this guy's got a clever song for a pick-me-up! And oh boy, it's funny! When did he come up with that? And they call join in and jam! Even the guy at the soundboard starts fidgeting with the levels.

5. And then there's this one too. Listen to the lyrics - see, he's not one to stray! And why the shot of the dog - is that a comment on horny men? But anyway, yes, these are dirty, dusty men's men who speed off on loud motorcycles to get home and bone their wives.

6. At least it's better than the dorkathon that is "Anniversary." My God . . .

7. On the other hand, Cialis goes too far in its sensitivity campaign with its talk of being ready "when the moment is right." Dude, take the damn pill every day and you're good to go!

Their campaign is oddly built around coitus interruptus, or at least pre-coitus interruptus when the equipment is getting primed. Oh wouldn't you know it, just when I was going to nail my wife our daughter comes home from college with the laundry! Or the in-laws dropped by! Or we ran into old friends!

8. Cuba Gooding Jr. for Cialis.

9. This is pretty good too.

10. He's no Bob Dole.

11. Oh what the hell. Here's one more.


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Posted on July 29, 2008

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