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T.J. Hooker: The Chicago Connection

Season: 4

Episode: 3

Heather Locklear: No

Release date: May 4, 1985

IMDB plot summary: "Hooker is sent to Chicago to pick someone who's being extradited. But upon arriving a streetwise detective who needs the prisoner to help get a criminal he's pursuing convinces Hooker to let him use the guy before he leaves. But something goes wrong and Hooker offers to help him get the criminal. Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com."

IMDB rating: 6.7

IMDB trivia: This was the last 60-minute episode; this was the last original episode broadcast on ABC; this episode was done as a tentative pilot for a retooled version of the series. (See Jason Daniel Baker's review.)

TJHooker.com: "One of the most bizarre episodes of T.J. Hooker ever filmed."

Chicago skyline shot: Of course.

Cameo: The old Sun-Times Building.

Obligatory blues soundtrack: Yes.

Obligatory shot of the El: Yes.

Obligatory Hollywood urban scene: Guys downtown warming hands on open trash can fire.

Offensive black man stereotype: Yes.

Dressed appropriately for the "coldest winter in 50 years?" No, though it does make for a (terrible) running joke. Hooker eventually buys a red parka, which he tears during a chase.

Obligatory shot of Wrigley Field: Yes.

Shot of Comiskey Park? No.

Cop who doesn't play by the rules? Yes. (Sort of a reverse 48 Hours thing going on, too.)

State of Illinois Building interior use: Yes, though TJHooker.com mistakes it for a "downtown mall."

Location of "new drug supermarket": 31st and Maxwell.

Newspaper delivery truck: Yes, Tribune.

White guy in a black bar: Yes.

Same police station exterior as in Hill Street Blues: I think so.




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Posted on January 12, 2016

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