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That Happened: WGN's Chastity Garter Belt

From On The Media, March 4, 2011:

BOB GARFIELD: You invented a product and created a website for it, and it is the most preposterous idea-


BOB GARFIELD: - ever forward as a consumer good, one that -


BOB GARFIELD: - no journalist with any sense of skepticism would ever run unchecked.

MARTIN MOORE: [LAUGHS] Chris invented what he called the "chastity garter belt," which a woman would put around her thigh and had built-in technology which would record, by various clever scientific means, like her, her rising pulse rate and, and moisture levels on her leg, whether or not she was about to be unfaithful. And if she was, it would text a message to her partner warning him [BOB LAUGHS], so he could rush back and [LAUGHS] either forestall or catch, catch her before she did [LAUGHS] so -

BOB GARFIELD: And just to reiterate, no news organization, no matter how slipshod, could pick up a press release about this product and run it without checking to see if the thing is real, never, ever, ever.

MALE CORRESPONDENT: Just in time for Valentine's Day, nothing says love like lingerie that sends a text when your lady is about to be unfaithful.


The chastity garter comes equipped with a hidden microchip that claims to detect a rapidly rising pulse and surface moisture levels on the skin. If these telltale signs of arousal occur, a text is sent to alert the woman's husband or boyfriend. It comes in lace or silk and costs about a hundred dollars.

FEMALE CORRESPONDENT: Boy, couldn't she also be attacked by a lion or something?


FEMALE CORRESPONDENT: Wouldn't that jump your pulse rate up a little bit?


MALE CORRESPONDENT: Or playing, playing tennis?


BOB GARFIELD: Where was that from?

MARTIN MOORE: That was WGN-TV in Chicago.


See the segment here.


See also: Churnalism


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Posted on February 13, 2012

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