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The True Lives Of The MTV Generation

The lives of young people as seen - pretty accurately - through an episode countdown of MTV's True Life.

1. I'm On Adderall

2. I'm In An Interracial Relationship

3. I'll Do Anything for Money

4. I Live A Double Life

5. I Live To Ride

6. I'm Obese

7. I'm Gay And I'm Getting Married

8. I'm A Muay Thai Fighter

9. Surviving High School

10. I'm Backpacking Through Europe

11. I'm A Jersey Shore Girl

12. I'm Rallying To L.A.

13. I'm A Gun Owner

14. I'm On Trial By Fire

15. I'm On A Diet

16. I'm A Battle Rapper

17. I'm Dead Broke

18. I'm Moving Back In With My Parents

19. I'm Coming Home From Iraq

20. I Want The Perfect Body

21. I'm Jealous

22. I Live On The Edge

23. I Have Gay Parents

24. I'm A Professional Gamer

25. I Have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

26. I'm Moving To NY

27. I'm On Steroids

28. I'm A Competitive Eater

29. I'm A Reality Star

30. I'm Getting My Big Break

31. I Don't Fit In

32. I'm Returning To The Gulf Coast

33. I Have Tourette's Syndrome

34. I'm Addicted To Crystal Meth

35. I'm A Staten Island Girl

36. I'm Jealous Of My Sibling

37. I'm On Vacation

38. I'm A Sumo Wrestler

39. I'm Out

40. I'm A Civilian Again

41. I'm Moving To Vegas

42. I'm In An Interfaith Relationship

43. I'm In Debt

44. I'm Stepping

45. I Am Celibate

46. I'm The New Kid In Town

47. I Stutter

48. I'm Supporting My Family

49. I Live In The Projects

50. I'm The Black Sheep

51. I'm Getting Out Of Prison

52. I'm An Alcoholic

53. I Panic

54. I'm Happy To Be Fat

55. I Need Anger Management

56. I Have A Husband In Iraq


Posted on February 11, 2008

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