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The Chicago Tribune Presents Oprah's Boyfriend's Identity Seminar

The Chicago Tribune presents Stedman Graham's Identity Seminar in Naperville on September 28th, from 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Wentz Concert Hall at the Fine Arts Center at North Central College.

Identity is the foundation for thinking and growing. It is the cornerstone of social and economic development. Today, the evidence is everywhere. In no other time in history has there been a greater need for people to be leaders of their lives and claim their right as human beings, which includes the freedom to achieve their full potential.

"We live in a time demanding self-development, self-mastery and self-actualization," Stedman Graham says. "In the 21st century, you have the potential to create your life and be whoever you decide to be. You must realize that your potential as a human being is not based on how the world defines you, but how you define yourself. Through education, hard work and purpose, you can start to develop, evolve and create the opportunities that define and determine your identity and your future."

Your success is based on your willingness to be a leader of your own life. As self-leaders, knowing who we are and being clear about our identity are necessary to navigate our lives.

It is critical that we learn how to adapt without losing our sense of who we are. The key is to know ourselves.

Now more than any other time, we as leaders need to be self-learners who are responsible for our work and accountable to the organizations, families or communities we serve.

People who are secure in their identity can see beyond obstacles and take full advantage of the extraordinary opportunities that present themselves.

The Identity Seminar offers the opportunity to empower yourself and develop your potential no matter your nationality, race, religion, gender or other labels encountered.

With a strong sense of Identity you will:

  • Have clarity to recognize what is important in your life.
  • Define, plan, and prepare with a purpose and direction.
  • Build self-leadership skills.
  • Become aware of the barriers to your potential.
  • Improve performance and productivity.
  • Become a self-directed learner.

Those who lead, who are employed by or who are patrons of business, are the drivers of economies. They are the engine that affects family, finances, community and culture.

Now is the time for leadership, change, improvement, growth and accepting new challenges as they continue to emerge.

The differentiator is whether you, your workforce, your constituents or your customers are prepared with the skills and the mindset to do so.

Register for the September 28, 2017, by calling 312.755.8170 or visit http://bit.ly/2j9MexQ.

About Stedman Graham
Stedman Graham is chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, a management and marketing consulting company that specializes in the corporate and educational markets.

As an entrepreneur, author and educator, Graham lectures and conducts seminars for businesses and organizations around the country.

He has written 11 books including two New York Times Best Sellers and a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Identity Leadership content is driven by his proprietary Nine-Step Success Process™.

Clients have included Gulfstream Aerospace, General Dynamics, the Indiana Pacers, the Minnesota Vikings, Key Bank, Deloitte, CVS Pharmacy, AARP and various high schools, colleges and military bases across the nation and internationally.


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Posted on September 10, 2017

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