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Survey Says: Steve Harvey Is A Terrible Father

"On Sunday, a group of male Chicago comedians attended the season premiere taping of The Steve Harvey Show in Chicago," Kate Dries reports for Jezebel.

"These ten men were part of an audience of roughly 2,000 at the Ford Oriental Theatre downtown, who were all there for What Men Really Think - The Event! What Men Really Think, according to accounts, is that it is acceptable for thousands of them to catcall and harass 150 women onstage.

"Advertised as an event intended 'for gentlemen of all backgrounds and ages,' the taping appears to be a more elaborate version of a segment that was part of an episode that aired in July during It's Raining Men Week, also entitled 'What Men Really Think.' That segment had featured a regular-sized studio audience of women, with men onstage who'd been quizzed on questions like 'Which is more important, a pretty face or a great body?' (Answer: A pretty face!)"

Click through for the rapey rest and read the rest of the horrible story.


At The Root, Yesha Callahan notes that "Over the last several years, Harvey has successfully rebranded himself as a relationship expert, and it seems as though people are really buying into his schtick once again."

As Jezebel notes, Harvey "has been married three times and has admitted to cheating multiple times."

Plus, he hosts Family Feud.


If that wasn't bad enough, look at the advice he's given to his college-bound son.

1. Have respect for the law. No back and forth with the police. Just comply.

I'm sure a lot of parents - especially African Americans - tell their kids this. But there's also a whiff of servitude (and victim-blaming) to it.

2. Let nobody outwork you. People will be able to sing better than you, people will be smarter than you, But let nobody outwork you.

A lot of people give this advice, but there's a grand fallacy to it: It's simply impossible for everyone to outwork each other.

3. I'll let you smoke cigars, but don't smoke weed.

You can kill yourself with lung cancer, but don't get harmlessly high.


And then there's the ego.

"I started this blog to show you that once you peel back the layers, I'm no different than you."

Dude, you host Family Feud.



"In August 2011, on his radio show, Harvey called Cornel West and Tavis Smiley 'Uncle Toms' because of their criticism of President Barack Obama."

Always comply! And, um, maybe study a little better in school so you know what things mean.


UPDATE 5:41 P.M.: "Embarrassing Is An Understatement:" Stories From Steve Harvey's Sexist Nightmare Special.


Previous Steve Harvey on Jezebel:
* Steve Harvey Teaches Us To Act Like A Lady, Think Like An A-Hole.

* Why Steve Harvey Is Only Giving Women Love Advice.

* Steve Harvey's New Show Excels In Stating The Obvious.


Comments welcome.


Posted on August 21, 2015

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