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Chicago - Mar. 19, 2022
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President Trump: How & Why

Trump, the pussy-grabbing, wall-building, climate change-denying, health care-abolishing, tax-dodging, shit-spewing demagogue. How shit do you have to be to lose to that?


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If Only All TV Reporters Did The News Like This.



Australia Is Horrific.


Comments welcome.

1. From Steve Rhodes:

I love Jonathan Pie, obs, and I agree with some of what he says here, but not a great deal of it. This self-flaggelation by liberals and the left is a bit self-absorbed if you ask me; is it always about you, folks?

"Throwing insults doesn't work anymore!" Pie says. Really? Isn't that how Trump got to the White House?

Pie acts as if Trump supporters were available for an adult discussion of the issues, but only got shamed for their views in return. Not so. I point you to the debates between one wonky as fuck candidate who actually prepared for just such a discussion with the winning candidate, who didn't bother to inform himself of even the basics because all he could hold in his brain was the insulting nicknames he planned to use while trying to keep all his lies straight (or not even trying, at that).

And Trump and his supporters are deplorable. What other word can we use to describe neo-Nazi fascists who hate Muslims, Jews, blacks, Mexicans, the disabled and women? Would Germany have avoided Hitler if citizens and politicians there had just been willing to have a reasonable discussion with their neighbors?

Pie's argument, which is fast coalescing into the consensus narrative, might be believable if the GOP candidate was, say, George W. Bush. But it wasn't. It was Donald Fucking Trump. I'm sorry if Pie (not his real name, I know; it's a comic playing a character for those who don't realize it) and others don't want to face the hard truth about America, but the hard truth about America is that Democrats nominated a badly flawed candidate who in no way represented continuing the change that Barack Obama promised to bring to the country, both because he didn't bring that change and because she's a diehard member of the status quo Establishment, and the Republican Party was hijacked by a media-enabled con man who used classic demagoguery to exploit people he doesn't give a fuck about in order to attain power. Oh, and he's also an anti-Semitic misogynist racist, and no matter what anyone wants to say, so are many of his supporters. Anyone voting for that fuck is guilty as charged.

She also won the popular vote quite handily - by the time all the California mail ballots are counted, it the margin will be about a million.

P.S.: I rooted for Bernie Sanders, but I seriously doubt America was going to elect a socialist - democratic or otherwise - to the presidency. Like Trump with the GOP, Sanders ran as a Democrat only to have a major-party vehicle from which to work instead of running as the independent that he is. And those polls showing he was more formidable against Trump than Clinton? About as useful that showed Clinton was a lock to win Tuesday night. Chances are Sanders would have been wiped out. Even more likely, an independent like, say, Michael Bloomberg, would have entered the campaign and really scrambled the race. It's as facile to claim Sanders would have won as it is to claim Mitt Romney or Joe Biden would have won.


Posted on November 10, 2016

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