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What I Watched Last Night

I had something a little earlier on why Sean Hannity is a douche bag and it was good but I just deleted it because I am not here to manufacture any more hate. I saw a little bit of Dancing with the Stars last night; that show is terrible. That is honest so it is not manufacturing hate. So therefore, I have just realized, I can write about how Sean Hannity is a douche bag! Great!

Sean Hannity is a douche bag. I am not a fan of his insistence that he is always right and everyone else is always wrong. I really don't like watching him cut people off in the middle of interviews. I don't enjoy it when he asks questions longer than the answers he allows. Some answers in this world are a little deeper than a yes or no.

Sean Hannity wears that pompous grin on his face all the time. There is no humility in that man. Sean Hannity seems like the guy you meet at a party who you wish would just shut the %&$# up. He is, most likely, a self-proclaimed know-it-all and a self-proclaimed master of lovemaking. I also imagine he turned down a lucrative career in the porn industry despite the "natural gifts" given to him by the grace of God. He would never do such a thing as porn because he is morally infallible. Just like his buddy Bill "The Loofa Lover" O"Reilly. Hannity would never be caught dead with that guy.

See, Sean Hannity is someone we all want to be: A guy who gets paid for issuing opinions based on sweeping generalizations and nonsense. My opinions are based on just nonsense and my readers (I would hope) take my opinions as just that: Opinions.

Opinions are an interesting thing; on Hannity's show they are fact and in the real world they are fiction.

My opinion about Sean Hannity: Douche bag. I don't hate him because of what he does; I just think he is a douche bag. Sean Hannity is a douche bag. I really think that Sean Hannity is a douche bag. Man that is fun. If you think that Sean Hannity is a douche bag, type it out a couple of times, it is damn near impossible to stop it. Sean Hannity is a douche bag.


Posted on September 20, 2006

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