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Obama: No Questions, Please!

"President Obama promised to have the most transparent administration to date, but it seems that the Obama administration continues to dodge the tough questions."


* On The Anniversary Of The Freedom Of Information Act, Obama Turns Back The Clock

* Obama's FOIA Fail

* The Atlantic: Obama's War On Whistleblowers

* Salon: Obama's Unprecedented War On Whistleblowers

* Mother Jones: Obama's War On Whistleblowers

* The New Yorker: The Secret Sharer: Is Thomas Drake An Enemy Of The State?

* Salon: Obama Targets Journalists

* Reason: Obama's War On Whistleblowers Could Send Investigative Journalism Back To The Stone Age

* ABC News: The White House Loves Aggressive Journalism - Abroad


Comments welcome.


Posted on January 21, 2013

MUSIC - This Summer's Soundtrack Started Here.
TV - M*A*S*H Theme Song's Weird History.
POLITICS - SCOTUS Blesses Church + State.
SPORTS - Beachwood Sports Radio: Unless Someone Dies.

BOOKS - The Legacy Of Racism For Children.


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