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Chicago - Mar. 19, 2022
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Beachwood Exclusive: More Chicago TV Shows On The Way

"How many bad shows are they going to set in Chicago?" our very own Mike Luce wondered last week in reaction to Chicago Fire. "Wasn't Chicago Code enough?"

No, the Beachwood has learned. The following ideas are in development at major networks near you.

* Jennifer Beals as Rahm Emanuel in Flashdance Chicago. Just a big city mayor on a Saturday night, lookin' for the fight of his life.

* George Wendt in Sears. See what happens when Norm Peterson is hired to turn around a struggling American icon.

* CSI: CTU. The education of a mayor.

* Chicago Load. Cameras follow Jay Cutler through a full season.

* Chicago Disability. Chris Hansen uses illicit chat rooms to lure unsuspecting cops drawing disability to a park to throw the ball around, then confronts them.

* The Peter Francis Geraci Files. Inside the city's goofiest bankruptcies.

* Dunk Dec. Just for WTTW pledge drive.

* Mob Goombahs. Following the travails of Outfit mistresses.

* Magic Mike. Reality show about Michael Madigan, played by Steve Brown.

* Meet The Obamas. Life in Hyde Park after the White House. Previously known as I Used To Be The President.

* The Big Gang Theory. Each week Chicago police chief Garry McCarthy comes up with a new theory to explain rising violence in his city.

* How I Met Your Father. Rod Blagojevich reminisces over a prison visiting room telephone with wife Patti about meeting Dick Mell.

* The Chicago Wire. Federal agents recount wacky comments uttered by wiretapped Chicago pols.

* Two And A Half Chicago Men. Starring Richard M. Daley, Bill Daley and Rahm Emanuel.

* Abducted. Bill Kurtis narrates this series exploring theories to explain missing Chicago White Sox fans.

* The Ghost Whisperer of Chicago. Sneed hears voices, prints what they say.

* Keeping Up With Joe Berrios. Watch as he schemes to put as many family members on the public payroll as his political enablers will stomach.

* So You Think You Can Dance Your Way Into Congress. Watch as Sandi Jackson schemes her way to a special election victory to replace her husband and qualify for a second pension.

* Breaking Bad In Chicago. Theo Epstein turns to meth when his draft picks fizzle out and he's led the Cub to multiple 100-loss seasons.


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 8, 2012

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