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Megyn Kelly's Race Record

"Megyn Kelly's Today show run at NBC is over after a tumultuous week that began when she defended blackface Halloween costumes on Tuesday, causing massive backlash that led her to apologize the next day," USA Today reports.

Look, NBC knew what it was getting when it signed Kelly. They ignored her record on race - among other things - because they saw dollar signs in their eyes. The media, too, largely ignored her record on race - among other things - because hitching your wagon to a rising star (who might welcome you on to her show!) a much smarter career move than telling the truth. And if she was crushing it in the ratings, she'd still have her job.

Let's review.


"Just for the record: I am not a white supremacist!"

If you have to make such a declaration . . .


"The Megyn moment has upended the popular notion of how a Fox News star is supposed to behave, and led to the spectacle of a Fox anchor winning praise from the very elites whose disdain Fox has always welcomed," Jim Rutenberg wrote in a 2015 Times Magazine profile. All this, despite the fact that, for more than a decade, she had built her brand around bizarre, dubious takedowns of black American culture, and had been virulently opposed to calling herself a feminist."

The link: "Don't Forget That Megyn Kelly Is a Racial Demagogue | The recent flattering coverage of her move to NBC leaves out the ugliest episodes of her work at Fox. By Jamelle Bouie. Read it; it's really all you need.


Her most infamous moment. December 2013:

Of course it should go without saying, but just for the record:

"Santa Claus can be traced to a real life monk named St. Nicholas who lived in what is today Turkey, according to the History Channel. Jesus Christ was born to a Jewish family around what is now Israel, and his race has long been debated with several scholars saying he likely looked like what many modern day people of Middle Eastern descent look like."


And, tangentially related from the Beachwood vault:

Megyn Kelly's Invitation-Only Lunch With DuPage County Republicans And A Few Cubs.


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 30, 2018

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