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Local TV Notes: Giuliana Ranic And Truth In Advertising Are Oxymorons

1. Hard Not To Conclude That Giuliana Rancic Deserved The Treatment Russell Crowe Gave Her. ("Are you excited to be here?")

2. Former Chicago Comic Writes For Awful Chicago-Based "Comedy" Sirens.

3. "Truth In Advertising" An Oxymoron?

"Advertising watchdog TruthInAdvertising.org will launch its first national advertising campaign early next week aiming to get consumers to report false advertising and marketing.


4. The Hippest Trip On TV Is Now A Book.

5. Kitchen Hell.

"After two episodes of Hell's Kitchen, season 12, Woodstock's Scott Commings has managed to avoid elimination and survive the wrath of the Fox TV show's chef Gordon Ramsay. Viewers can tune in at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 27, to see if Commings makes it through to another round," the Woodstock Independent reports.

"Commings, who has worked as an executive chef and gardener at Loyola University Chicago Retreat and Ecology campus in Woodstock for the past four years, was called onto the show when producers found his name floating around for cooking shows, which he had entered in mostly for fun. After interviews and callbacks, he headed out to Los Angeles for filming in 2013."

6. Relax, Montana.

7. Feder [Hearts] Goudie.

"While much of what passes for news on local television has hit the skids, fortunately there's still something to be said for solid, old-fashioned investigative reporting in Chicago," Robert Feder "reports."

"Exhibit A is the I-Team at WLS-Channel 7, where chief investigative reporter Chuck Goudie, a 34-year veteran of the ABC-owned station, heads a franchise that has expanded its brand, doubled its personnel and elevated local TV to a new competitive level in recent months."

Feder's love letter conspicuously fails to note Goudie's most recent embarrassment.

8. Dynamic Ethnic Chicago Family Running A Small Business Wanted.

Conflict required; photogenic a plus. Oh, and that family running a business thing. And be "ethnic."

9. Lawsuit: Legendary Chicago TV Car Salesman Uses Dealership As 'Personal Piggy Bank.'

10. Lindsay Is Currently The Best Thing On TV.

No need to apologize for watching.


Oprah is shameless; a walking tonful of passive-aggressiveness. Lindsay is friendless and astonishingly lacking in self-awareness. The producers and crew are vultures. The paparazzi are disgusting immoral creatures. Lindsay unintentionally holds a mirror to everyone involved - including the personal assistants, personal trainers, personal sober coaches - and reflects a whole lot of ugly. This show should be taught in schools every week.


Comments welcome.


Posted on March 27, 2014

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