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Local TV Notes: Divas, Drunks & Who Dick Cavett Despises

1. Dick Cavett Despises People Who Don't Own TV Sets.

"Cavett, 77, will be honored Saturday night with 'A Salute to Dick Cavett' at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. The event kicks off a three-month exhibit featuring a video retrospective of Cavett's talk show career."

2. Who's A Diva, Who Was Drunk On Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

"Dennis Rodman was chronically late. And even though he did the show 28 times, he was always a headache for producers. When limousines no longer worked, the crew chartered a private helicopter to fly him from his home in Newport Beach, just an hour's drive from Burbank, to ensure his on-time arrival."

3. People Who Hate News Are In Charge Of The News.

"When CNN first signed on, it was greeted by a chorus of skeptics," Frasier Moore writes for AP.

"Not just doubt about Ted Turner's vow that his all-news network would be there long enough to cover the end of the world. A bigger question resonated: Was there really enough news to fill 24 hours of airtime, day after day?

"As CNN marks its 34th birthday this month, a harsh truth endures: No, there really isn't, at least not enough to get viewers to stick around awhile. The flow of news doesn't conform to the needs of TV programmers, and there are irksome stretches when nothing much is going on that can satisfy TV's visual demands and keep viewers glued to the screen."


Right. There's just not enough going on in the world to fill a news channel 24/7! At least nothing of interest to viewers!

The inability to program a 24-hour news channel is attributable only to a lack of imagination, lack of resources and, quite simply, a lack of any intelligence whatsoever. I bet I could program a dozen 24-hour news channels and draw ratings. Just imbicilic.

4. Happy 35th Anniversarsy, Son Of Svengoolie!

CNN should have you anchor a news segment.



5. Chicago City Council To Comcast: End The Delays And Support CAN TV.


Comments welcome.


Posted on June 18, 2014

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