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Lee Harvey Oswald Bought JFK Assassination Rifle From Chicago Store

Here's the report, uploaded anew to YouTube this week, from WBKB, which became WLS, with Frank Reynolds anchoring and Hugh Hill - who just died - reporting.


The ad, via Wikipedia.



From the Warren Report.


Entirely too jaunty interview with the deputy who found the rifle.


In December 1963, the Tribune reported in "Here Is The Story Of Rifle Used By Kennedy Assassin" that "When John F. Kennedy was a senator he proposed that the United States forbid the shipment of firearms from abroad." The rifle was originally from Italy.


In November 2003, the Sun-Times reported "Gun Dealer Haunted By Sale Of Rifle Used To Kill JFK; Oswald Used Alias, Paid Klein $21.45 For Mail-Order Weapon."

"[Milt Klein]'s only public comment was a flatly written statement to reporters detailing [Lee Harvey Oswald]'s mail order purchase of an Italian- made Mannlicher-Carcano rifle - a $21.45 buy Oswald made under an assumed name," the paper said.

"In his written statement, Klein said he had cooperated fully with authorities and noted that rifles like the one sent to Oswald could be bought 'in thousands of stores and from hundreds of mail order companies all over the United States.'

"The family's connection to guns began with Milt's grandfather Jacob, a Chicago pawn shop operator who sold weapons. Milt continued that business and moved it toward sporting goods: Milt was an avid fisherman and accomplished amateur golfer. But Milt kept selling guns because he felt it was a connection to Jacob's legacy, and it was profitable."


"Guilt? No one knows for sure. For years, Klein, who died in 1997 at the age of 87, did not talk openly about Oswald's mail order purchase from Klein's Sporting Goods with anyone, family or friends.

"Milt's two sons, Tom, a 62-year-old Ohio college professor, and John, a 58-year-old Southern California screenwriter and director, believe his silence was a way to shelter them."


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 23, 2013

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