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Kevin Trudeau's Jailhouse Jig

"Meanwhile, in a rambling post on his Facebook page, a message attributed to Trudeau updates his followers on his new life, and speaks of his affection for the judge who gave him such a stiff sentence," Phil Rogers reports for NBC Chicago.

"Had a great nights sleep after the sentencing!" he wrote. "Mandela got 28 years, I was blessed to get only 10."

"I have deep love and appreciation for the Judge and the prosecutors," the post continues. "Please send them love."

They don't want love, they want the truth!

But Trudeau's Facebook posts portend either a man who has already embarked on a new scheme - he includes a fundraising appeal (checks payable to Winston & Strawn) - or who is merely extending his old one; either way, he's far more Oprah than Mandela.

To wit:

Had a great nights sleep after the sentencing! Mandela got 28 years, I was blessed to get only 10. I have deep love and appreciation for the Judge and the prosecutors. Please send them love. A 10 year sentence means I will be out between 6-8 years depending on certain things. I will appeal the sentence and the verdict. I might get the verdict overturned and/or the sentenced reduced. The Universe knows what is best and perfect. You must to trust Devine Timing. I will use my time in prison, however long that turns out to be, to my advantage. There are reasons for everything. I KNOW my personal desires ARE being manifested. The HOW, and WHEN do not concern me, as the Devine knows and delivers Perfection in everything. Learn to trust. When I heard the sentence, I knew there were amazing things off the radar screen I did not see yet. I felt so excited for my upcoming adventure and all the blessings that are in store for me! Time issues cause much negative emotions with people. You want something, but don't have it NOW, and you feel bad. Space also causes negative emotions issues. You are here, and want to be there, and you feel bad. In the energy dimension, there is no time and space. If you see everything as energy, WHEN something happens or manifests in THIS time/space reality does not matter anymore, as you begin to understand that everything reveals itself at the absolute perfect time. This temporary time away is my personal exciting adventure for growth, learning, and where I am releasing abilities that I will be able to teach to you all! There are people I must meet, and who must meet me. There are experiences and emotions I must confront. There are walls of fire I must walk through. There are breakthroughs I must make. All is being given to me in perfect divine order for the highest good of everyone. Thank you again for all your love and support. Everything is Perfect! Much love.


Before the sentencing, Trudeau wrote:

The government will tell the Judge how horrible a person I am. They will call me a liar, a con man, a fraudster, motivated by greed, and say every bad thing that they can say about me.

At the sentencing:

I have truly had a significant reawakening. If I ever do an infomercial again . . . I promise: no embellishments, no puffery, no lies.


Also before sentencing:

My sentencing date is Monday, March 17th. How long will I have to be in prison? 6 months? 6 years? 20 years? No one knows. But we all will find out soon! I know I will get out as soon as is perfect. The universe knows what is best for my highest good. (28 years was for Mandala and the country of So Africa's highest good!) Whatever it is it is. A piece of coal needs a certain amount of time and pressure before it transforms into a diamond. I need a certain amount of time and "pressure" for me to reach my spiritual goals and desires and for me to release all the abilities I want to release. The universe knows the answer. I am thankful for this experience and the growth I am achieving. I could have never achieved spiritually what I have if it were not for this experience, environment, and all that has happened. And I am doing things I always wanted to do...like let my hair grow! I have not cut my hair since I have been here! I look almost like a cross between a crazy professor and a hippie! And my grey hairs are pouring in! I also am not wearing contact lenses and letting my eyes rest after all those years of contact lenses use. My super thick "coke bottle" glasses make my eyes so small looking! I feel like Mr .Magoo!! I look so funny! We all have a great laugh with my crazy greying long hair and Mr Magoo glasses! Everyday is a great day for me as I am one day closer to being free, and I to continue my "lessons" and training exercises!. Be happy everyday...life is way too short! Much Love...KT


From December, explaining why he did not testify on his behalf:

People ask me why I did not take the stand and talk on my on defense at the trial. I had planned to do just that. I communicate well. I was sure if I took the stand and told the truth, that the jury would see that I was innocent. They would see that I did not violate the order. They would see that I did not misrepresent the contents of the book, and for sure they would see I had no criminal intent and did not do anything willfully in violation of the order.

But on the night before I was to testify I had a supernatural spiritual experience like I had never had in my life. I won't explain now in detail what happened, I will do that later to those who attend future seminars.

For a hefty fee, no doubt.

All I can say was I knew I could not take the stand. I had to remain silent. I could not speak in my own defense. And I knew if I did not take the stand and defend myself I was going to be found guilty! I knew that my path was to be found guilty! Think about all the people that stood silent and did not speak in their own defense...Jesus, Mandela, Gandhi, Chavez, the list goes on and on about people who stood silent when accused and did not speak in their own defense. My current incarceration is the perfect path for me! More on this amazing miracle later...all I can tell you is what happened to me was beyond anything I have experienced in my life. It was spiritual. It was supernatural. It was a miracle. And it has given me a peace I have not had before!

It's like he wanted to get caught!


See also: Kevin Trudeau Could've Been President.


Comments welcome.


Posted on March 20, 2014

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