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Jason Washington Is Not A Millionaire Either

First it was John Kuczaj.

Now it is Jason Washington.

Can't anyone from Chicago play this game?

From Millionaire HQ:

"Jason Washington, an admissions advisor at Colorado Technical University (online) from Downers Grove, IL was a contestant on Wednesday's episode of 'Double Your Money Week' on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

"After the questions and money in Jason's first round were all shuffled, host Meredith Vieira revealed to him that his 'Double Money' question would be his fifth question. Once Jason made it to his fifth question, he ended up not knowing the answer and used his 'Jump The Question' lifeline. Jason ultimately made it to the sixth question, but unfortunately provided an incorrect answer, which meant that he walked away with $1,000 in winnings."


Here are the questions Jason faced:

Question #1: Category, 'Bad Traffic Ahead'

In 2011, Georgia police advised motorists to watch out for zombies and gunfire from the filming of what cable show?

A: Breaking Bad
B: The Walking Dead
C: Burn Notice
D: Royal Pains

* Lifelines Used: none
* Correct Answer: B
* $ Value of Question: $1,000
* Accumulated Millionaire Bank: $1,000


Question #2: Category, 'Gaga Games'

In a special section called GagaVille, Lady Gaga released songs from her newest album through what addictive online game?

A: Treasure Isle
B: Mafia Wars
C: FarmVille
D: Bejeweled Blitz

* Lifelines Used: none
* Correct Answer: C
* $ Value of Question: $25,000
* Accumulated Millionaire Bank: $26,000


Question #3: Category, 'Funny Rabbi'

At an event in Cleveland that determines the city's "funniest rabbi," many of the competitors cracking jokes wore what?

A: Hijabs
B: Burkas
C: Yarmulkes
D: Saris

* Lifelines Used: none
* Correct Answer: C
* $ Value of Question: $5,000
* Accumulated Millionaire Bank: $31,000


Question #4: Category, 'Western Women'

An 1880 census document lists the Dakota Territory's Charles and Caroline Ingalls as the parents of a 13-year-old named what?

A: Clara
B: Susan
C: Laura
D: Annie

* Lifelines Used: none
* Correct Answer: C
* $ Value of Question: $3,000
* Accumulated Millionaire Bank: $34,000


Question #5: Category, 'Bad Words'

Although it's usually used to mean "sexist," the word "chauvinist" originally referred to someone who was excessively what?

A: Narcissistic
B: Hedonistic
C: Patriotic
D: Neurotic

* Lifelines Used: "Jump The Question" #1 (Jason was able to jump over the question but also had to forfeit the money attached to the question)
* Correct Answer: C
* Accumulated Millionaire Bank: $34,000


Question #6: Category, 'So Goes the Nation'

Beginning in 1964, what U.S. state has voted for the winning candidate in the last 12 Presidential elections?

A: Nevada
B: Missouri
C: Ohio
D: Virginia

Jason guessed the answer to be "B," but unfortunately the correct answer was "C." Jason left the show with $1,000 in winnings and left his "Ask The Audience" and "Jump The Question #2" lifeline unused.


Comments welcome.


Posted on September 29, 2011

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