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Epstein's Mother Stars In Robert Hegyes Death Tweets

"Robert Hegyes, the New Jersey-born actor who played Jewish Puerto-Rican wheeler-dealer Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein on the 1970s classic Welcome Back Kotter, died after an apparent heart attack in his Metuchen, N.J., home Thursday morning," McClatchy Newspapers reports. "He was 60."

According to Twitter, Epstein's mother signed the note. Let's take a look.

OpieRadio: Juan Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter has died from apparently a rubber hose up his nose. Signed, Epsteins mother

kimthewriter: Very sad day for we children of the 70s. Signed, Epstein's Mother.

Chuck Greenberg: RIP Robert Hegyes aka Juan Epstein. Welcome Back Kotter was a highlight of soph yr of HS. Here's to 1 last note from Epstein's Mother

Chris Jericho: Just heard Robert Hegyes passed away. He played one of the greatest tv characters of all time and he'll be sadly missed-signed Epstein's mom

Half Street: Dear Mr. Kotter: Epstein will not be returning to class. He died of a heart attack today. Signed, Epstein's Mom

Jake Fogelnest: RIP Robert Hegyes. Signed, Epstein's Mother. :(

Darla Crane: Dear Mr Kotter, please excuse Juan from class today. He's dead. Signed, Epstein's mother. =(

Devin Faraci: Death certificate signed Juan Epstein's Mother

Aaron Trites: Dear Mr. Kotter, please excuse Epstein from class... forever. Signed, Epstein's Mom

Kevin Byrne: Dear Mr. Kotter - Please excuse Juan from class today. He's off playing hooky with God. - Signed, Epstein's Mother


Pour one out for Epstein tonight. Maybe while you play this song, which has been on the Beachwood jukebox for years.


Comments welcome. Signed, Epstein's mother.


Posted on January 27, 2012

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