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Chicago - Jul. 20, 2018
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Don't Touch That Dial! Chicago's TV World Before Cable

"Before flatscreens, HDMI inputs, pushbuttons, cable TV, Dish Network and satellites, there were tube and solid-state TV's with - get ready for this - actual dials! That's where we get the phrase, 'Don't touch that dial.'

"And there were no remotes. If you wanted to change the channel, you actually had to get your lazy butt out of your La-Z-Boy or Barcalounger and - are you ready for this - TURN THE DIAL! How did baby boomers ever survive, LOL."


See also: Artistmac's YouTube Channel.


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Posted on July 14, 2014

MUSIC - Invasion Of Accordionists.
TV - Sinclair-Tribune On Life Support.
POLITICS - Border Infants Called To Testify.
SPORTS - How Good Was France?

BOOKS - Green Books Are Back.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Pilcher Park Now A Nature Reserve.

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