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Chicago - Jan. 3, 2022
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Cracking The Chicagoland Code 6: Unwired

"It's like, 'South Side, bang bang, violence, bang bang, and look at what a fucking great job the mayor's doing!'

"What this series promised was an investigative, journalistic look, in eight episodes, so they can get into the meat of the story, as to the trials and tribulations and problem-solving capabilities of a modern city, and it just turned out to be this total fucking wank.

"If you want to learn about what has happened to North American cities over the past 30 years or so, you can borrow the series, it's called The Wire. It's five seasons, and a) it's way more entertaining than this shit, and b) you'll learn a helluva lot more and there's a helluva lot more truth in The Wire than there is in any of these episodes."


* Tweeting Chicagoland | Episode 1: Oh My Lord, I Hate It Already.

* Cracking The Chicagoland Code 1: Docu-Series Or Docu-Wank?

* Tweeting Chicagoland | Episode 2: Brought To You By Allstate, Billy Dec & The Central Office.

* Cracking The Chicagoland Code 2: Fixing The Facts.

* Tweeting Chicagoland | Episode 3: Get Me Rewrite.

* Cracking The Chicagoland Code 3: Our Fact-Challenged Heroes.

* Tweeting Chicagoland | Episode 4: Did We Mention That Rahm Loves (Black) Kids?

* Cracking The Chicagoland Code 4: LollapaRahmza.

* Tweeting Chicagoland | Episode 5: Back To Black.

* Cracking The Chicagoland Code 5: Yada Yada Yada.

* Tweeting Chicagoland | Episode 6: Building A New Rahm.


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Posted on April 14, 2014

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