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Chicago - Mar. 19, 2022
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Chicago Dude In A Raft Or Something

Hi there,

I hope this note finds you well!

Well, I had a pretty shitty week actually. Wait, who are you again?

Thought you might be interested that a Chicago resident, Daniel Eller, will be a featured contestant on this week's episode of National Geographic Channel's new ultimate ocean survival series, The Raft.

Go on.

In the program, Dan is stranded on a life raft with a stranger in the Bermuda Triangle without food or water. The goal is to survive one week.

One week? That'll be a pretty short series! Plus, the Bermuda Triangle isn't really a thing, you know.

Tune in this Sunday, April 26th at 10PM/ET to see how Dan fares. See below for more details on Sunday's episode.

I'm pretty sure he lived.


Surviving for days on the open ocean is a life-threatening challenge - no matter your background. On the orange raft, professional sailor Ceci is teamed up with a true fish out of water, Dan, whose experience is limited to boat parties.

Professional sailor Ceci? So he's not alone on the raft at all! Is there also a professional food-getter on the raft?

Ceci soon comes through for her raft mate, catching and gutting a triggerfish . . .

There's never an egg-timer around when you need one.

. . . and the duo decides to make a fire to cook their catch. But while Dan lights the fire, Ceci cuts open her finger.

Oh for godsake. You must have been hoping for a whole arm.

With the fire burning out of control and Ceci's finger gushing blood, the orange raft faces serious peril.

Yes, I'm sure the fire is burning "out of control" and Ceci's finger is just "gushing."

See a clip here.

This is so not perilous! Fish are jumping into the boat overnight, catching them is easy, and there is obviously a camera crew right there. Oh Natty G, you used to be so much better than this. Plus, bro.

Given the local connection I thought you might be interested in featuring Dan for your audience ahead of his episode Sunday. I would be happy to coordinate an interview with him and I can also provide any photos or video assets you need.

I would rather slice my finger and stick it into an out-of-control fire.

Let me know what you think!

I just did!

Thanks! Caitlin, High 10 Media


From Eller's bio:

Skills: Working Out, Hanging Out


Comments welcome.


Posted on April 24, 2015

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