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Built in Chicago: The Zenith Spirit of 76

"Zenith Spirit of 76 Portable Black & White TV, Part Two, Made by the Zenith Radio Corporation, Model Number G1176X, Chassis 9GB1X, Chicago Illinois, Components from Zenith Taiwan, Grantley Waters, Declaration of Independents, 1976, 1776, 120Volts, 60 HZ, .32 Amps."


"She's just a fine old one."


"It works on household current or through the cigarette lighter in your car," Popular Science noted.


"We sold quite a few of them in the store when they were first offered by Zenith, then after the novelty wore off later in the year they were impossible to sell," Mr. Detrola writes at Antique Radios. "Pretty much the same thing happened with the other bicentennial sets that were available such as the red white and blue GE's that actually sold better than the Zeniths did."


"As I recall, around that time, Zenith also made one covered in denim; they called it the 'Sidekick,'" Tim Tress in the same Antique Radios forum. "I haven't seen one in many years."


Comments welcome.


Posted on September 7, 2011

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