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Area Men Might Be Millionaires

Occasional Beachwood contributor (mostly when I steal his clever remarks on Facebook) John Kuczaj is one of two Chicagoland contestants who will appear on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire this week. It happens to be "Double Your Money Week," so double-fun.

The shows, of course, have already been taped and we do not know the results. We do know a little bit about the journey Kuczaj took to get there, as we will see from some Facebook posts I'll reproduce below.

First, here is the press release from Millionaire HQ:


There will be two local contestants from the Chicago area appearing on Millionaire's "Double Your Money" shows this week.

John Kuczaj (pronounced "Kooch-Eye"), an account service representative from Chicago IL will air on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 and Jason Washington, an admissions advisor at Colorado Technical University (online) from Downers Grove, IL will air on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28.

Hosted by the Emmy Award-winning Meredith Vieira, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire can be seen locally in the Chicago area on WGN (CW), weekdays at 4 p.m.



* John's girlfriend Crystal came to NYC with him and sat in the Millionaire audience as his on-air companion for the show. John is the son of Rose Kuczaj of Bloomingdale, IL.

* John writes and performs under the name "Atomic Shop" and can be seen at bars and open mic events in the Chicago area.

* Saying that John "collects" comic books is an understatement. Even after selling 2/3 of his collection, he currently still owns 20,000 comic books, including the first issue of Iron Man (which is worth about $600)!

* John said that if he won big on Millionaire, he would pay off debt, go on a vacation and finance his music career. With $1 million . . . hire a butler, of course!


* Jason was willing to do just about anything to get to the set of Millionaire. When bad weather canceled his flight to NYC, Jason hopped on a bus and rode all the way to the Big Apple for his chance at $1 million!

* Jason has never learned to drive and said he would be terrified of hitting the safety cones if he were to take a driving class.

* Although he works as a college admissions advisor, he secretly wishes he were a professional wrestler! His love of the sport began at the age of three when he used to watch it on TV with his grandmother.

* Jason said that if he won big on Millionaire, he would travel around America by train.



From John's Facebook Feed:

July 15, 6:51 a.m.: Feeling foolish, standing in a very loooong line next to a horseracing track.

July 15, 7:23 a.m.: Worst part of standing on line - having to listen to inane people who won't shut up. For even a minute. Where's my gun?

July 15, 7:39 a.m.: Intimidated. Guy in front of me obviously knows he is the smartest person in the room. Also funniest. Also has gas

July 15, 7:45 a.m.: Going to be in 2nd group testing for Millionaire...got here at 6:30...will get into the test at 8:30. Sweet.

July 15, 10:19 a.m.: Holy crap...passed the test...passed the interview. Waiting for an on-camera interview!

July 15, 10:28 a.m.: Holy crap...interview #2 @MillionaireTV !!!! #GiantButterflies

July 15, 11:05 a.m.: Oh no, the butterflies in my stomach are vomiting!!!!! @MillionaireTV

July 15, 11:40 a.m.: Okay...made it thru the Millionaire auditions. Within the next 2 weeks I will find out if I am in the contestant pool or not. Fingers X'd!!!!!

July 25, 7:26 p.m.: I made it into the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" contestant pool! Giggidy-Giggidy-Giggidy-Goo!

July 29, 4:55 p.m.: If I appear on "Millionaire", instead of the "Jump The Question" lifeline I'll lick my lips then tell Meredith I want to "Jump The Host".

August 9, 5:54 p.m.: Wow, that was quick! I just got the call. Have to be in New York City on August 30th for the taping. I'M GONNA BE ON "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE"!!!!

August 15, 12:51 p.m.: so now the question is: if a guy flakes and does not send in all the required signed documents on Friday as the Producers requested but does fax everything noon the following Monday, will he still be on the show or is he a supreme dumbass and did his flakiness cost him his chance? Stay tuned.

August 30, 4:09 p.m.: Millionaire taping went well. Should have a preliminary air date soon. :)

August 31, 7:01 p.m.: Compared to LaGuardia, Midway airport is a Freakin Palace! My God, what a dump LGA is!!!!

September 2, 4:59 p.m.: Looking forward to a relaxing weekend after a surreal week.

September 20, 1:55 p.m.: They don't pay you until 30 days after it airs. They also can withhold paying you if you divulge how you did before it airs.


Comments welcome.


Posted on September 26, 2011

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