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And Then There's Maude: Episode 4

Our tribute to the 35th anniversary of the debut of Maude continues.


Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Title: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Original airdate: 3 Oct 1972

Plot: Maude's livid that Carol is dating Russell Asher, world famous author and noted lady-killer. Could her extreme reaction have anything to do with the fact that Maude dated Russell once upon a time? Maude insists it's because Russell is a rake who is twice, no, make that three times Carol's age.

Russell arrives to pick Carol up for their date. They're taking a helicopter into the city for his appearance on The Tonight Show . . . with Johnny Carson. Maude insults Russell at every turn. After the couple leaves, Maude worries that Russell will dump Carol the way he did Maude. The next morning, Maude learns that Carol is breaking up with Russell because he called her by her mother's name.

Maude is radiant, flattered to think that Russell carries a torch for her. When Russell arrives to plead his case to Carol, Maude fawns over him. As Carol and Russell argue, it comes out that it was in the heat of an argument, not passion, when Russell uttered Maude's name. Carol calls Russell a conceited, pompous boar to his face, Maude (her bubble burst) backs Carol up, and mother and daughter usher him out the door.

Hot button social issue: The male "change of life" - dating younger women and male menopause.

Fashion statement: Maude wears a brown vest, orange sherbet blouse and purple paisley neckerchief. Russell's leisure suit ensemble includes a powder blue shirt (unbuttoned down to his navel, with a gold fish necklace (Rrrrrrowwww!), a wide belt and those button loop things worn like epaulettes on the shoulders. (What was with those, anyway?) This is what he's wearing on The Tonight Show, a look he's put together that says I'm "male, dominating (but not domineering) and authoritative yet understated." Or, look at me. I'm a conceited, pompous boar.

Neckerchief count: 2

Cocktail hour: 12-year-old scotch with a twist.

Welcome back to 1972 pop culture reference: This one is as obscure as it gets: Maude mentions the name of someone who supposedly appeared on The Tonight Show the same night as Russell. Ready? Hands on buzzers. Twenty points if you know who Virginia Graham is.

Number of times Maude yells: 2

Memorable quote: "Maude, stop it. You're acting like Bette Davis on a bad day."


Season 1, Episode 1: Maude's Problem.
Season 1, Episode 2: Doctor, Doctor.
Season 1, Episode 3: Maude Meets Florida.


Posted on September 5, 2007

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